Judicial meeting questions.

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  • Sanchy

    I was involved in various judicial committees during my time as elder. Though now I look back with regret at the fact that I even participated in such a disgusting arrangement, my conscience is somewhat clear in that I made it a goal to help the accused feel as least uncomfortable as possible.

    Thing is, as Elders, we are told that the level of repentance should correlate with the magnitude and gravity of the sin, and thus depending on the personality, intellectual capacity and the tact of the individual Elder, it can become the case, quite often, that one might go overboard with their quests for details regarding the sin in question.

    I myself found it a challenge not to do so, and I did witness a few occasions where my fellow committee members would begin a path of questioning that seemed unnecessary and unnerving for the accused. I would usually try to jump in and change the subject so as to prevent any further unnecessary questioning.

    Then of course, there's always the perverts, but that'd be an unfair label for the majority.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They actually want to participate in a demo they call it research

  • Fader812

    I just remember the look on their faces, like they were getting served a steak by a waiter. Afterwards it was just awkward, even the elders wives knew what was up. I was a young man with a girlfriend that had an asshole step father that was a ministerial servant that would punish me for not answering at the meetings (he made me read the WT bound volumes for hours), a mother that was a regular pioneer that was having an affair with a brother in the hall, I was trying to do the right thing or what I thought was right. I've wasted so much of my life in this so-called religion, it sucked to be a teenager in love with his girlfriend, needless to say it ruined our relationship.

  • ttdtt
    the girl next door8 hours ago8 hours ago8 hours ago Most of the elders are in sexless marriages and feel guilty about the amount of porn they look at.


  • jp1692

    Because they can!

    That being said, not all elders are like that, but a disturbingly large percentage clearly are.

  • shadow

    of course, not all apostates worship the dark one by having naked orgies in the forest, but a disturbingly large percentage clearly do. just ask anyone . . .

  • jp1692

    Bad shadow! Bad, bad shadow.

    You were NOT supposed to tell anyone that. No we will have to disfellowship you from the Disfellowshiped Apostates Group (DAG) and you'll have no one to play with.

    I guess that means you'll have to play with yourself.

  • Fader812

    And you cant masturbate, that alone will make a teenage boy lose his mind from guilt and sexual frustration, but you can get married at 18 so you can breed more JW's because thats the only way the organization can grow.

  • sparrowdown

    The elders being trained by WT to ask creepy questions is underdtandable to some degree as they JWs are a creepy cult. But, what I find to be a more interesting study in human behaviour is why oh why do people answer them?

    Yeah, yeah I know the elders are big and scarewy and have the power of disfellowshipping but if more people told elders to go f*** themselves in JCs more individual elders may start thinking twice about what questions they ask.

  • LongHairGal


    I never attended a judicial committee but was told they ask inappropriate and probing questions. Some questions are to satisfy morbid curiosity or to "get off". Never mind the bullshit to see how repentant somebody is.

    As others have said: why would anybody answer these questions. I know I wouldn't have. If somebody goes in there and says "I committed fornication for six months and am sorry", why would any of these numb-nuts need to ask anything more?

    Anybody who answers intimate and perverted questions to these men (who are only going home to masturbate), is really foolish. How could you even go afterwards knowing they know this about you??

    This is free porno to these idiots. I guess you can tell I have nothing but contempt and NO use for this religion or the power tripping fools within.

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