Judicial meeting questions.

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  • Fader812

    Why do elders ask such perverted questions during judicial meetings? Kinda creeped me out, actually creeped me out a lot.

  • Chook

    It's so as to see if natural lube was achieved, wetter you are the more they can read hearts.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Most of the elders are in sexless marriages and feel guilty about the amount of porn they look at. When they can use their influence upon a young girl or boy to divulge the details of their sexual encounters it becomes stimulating and satisfying for them because they avoid the usual guilt in trade for something they feel instructed to do by the little dark green secret elders instruction book.

    They go home and use their rediscovered arrows on the frigid quiver occupying their bed. She's happy because of the illusion he cares, he's happy because more judicial meetings are scheduled.

  • Fader812

    My girlfriend and I thought we were doing the right thing, never again. I will never go to any meeting ever again, it was too disturbing. Got DF'd, reinstated and faded away...

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Good. You have both made the wisest choice in your lifetime.

    If you ever doubt it or have second thoughts, post more threads. :)

  • Bobcat

    To be a little fair to the elders involved, they were more likely trying to determine if what you told them constituted "fornication" or "uncleanness" or "loose conduct" (now "brazenness"). The words have "overlapping" meaning (no pun intended). They have to do this so as to satisfy the legal (elder's) manual. It is somewhat an exercise in WT legalities.

    Usually at KS schools (and I think in the elder's book also) they are counseled to avoid asking detailed questions beyond what is necessary so as to determine the type of sin involved. But the definitions involved and the need impressed upon them to be correct in (WT imposed) detail and the fact that the CO will be reviewing the case within the next 6 months, all these things put pressure upon them in such a way that they often times go beyond what is seemly.

    If such things were not held in such secrecy, then human decency would probably prevail more often.

  • pale.emperor

    One of my best friends (female) left the org precisely because of this. She wasn't even baptized, was an unbaptized publisher at 15 and secretly had a worldly boyfriend. On one occasion her bf touched her boobs (shock-horror!) and her sister told on her to the elders.

    The story i got from her was, the elders in her cong contacted the CO to determine what action should be taken. She was removed as unbaptized publisher. But for some reason three elders still wanted to talk to her. She was asked the following questions (i swear this is what she told me):

    Where were you when this happened?

    Did he touch just one or both?

    Were you wearing a bra?

    Did he move them around or just squeeze them?

    Did you like it?

    What were you wearing?

    Did you get aroused?

    Was he aroused?

    What were you thinking as he was doing this?

    The youngest elder in that room at in his late 50s. The oldest was 80-odd. She was 15. After that she was too creeped out to ever look at them again and never went to another KH. She's now a very successful business woman.

  • shepherdless

    On an old thread here, someone (I think it was Billy the Ex-Bethelite) said he brought along some barbie and ken dolls to his JC meeting. He knew what kind of questions were coming.

  • zeb

    why do they do it?

    • they are ignorant men
    • they exercise power over other ignorant people with an utter absence of any personal humility.

    If touching breasts is a sin then they would ask just that not go into "X" rated questioning for details. This reveals as others have said a creepy/kinky personality at work. It also reveals an absence of love for the 'offender' by putting them through such interrogation.

    Lets take a long term view here. When they have seen such a proportion of folks leave from the fold what do they have left?

  • scratchme1010

    Why do elders ask such perverted questions during judicial meetings? Kinda creeped me out, actually creeped me out a lot.

    They jerk off to them after.

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