2017 Memorial Partakers

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  • Wild_Thing
    Interesting that the growth in partakers is roughly the same rate of Americans affected by mental illness

    Since these are worldwide figures, I don't think we can draw that correlation. I would be interested in knowing the breakdown on partakers by country. I am wondering if the huge increase is coming from 3rd world countries where they have seen growth. I would also be interested in knowing if the partakers in 1st world countries (like the US) have decreased in relation to their decrease in membership in those countries.

    Do they release these figures by country, or have they ever? I have been gone so long, I really don't remember.

  • steve2

    Wild_Thing, I don't think they have ever given a country-by-country breakdown of the partaker numbers - that might prove to be even more of an embarrassment than giving the total worldwide partake numbers which keep increasing year-by-year.

  • alanv

    Of course the society know which countries are showing the most increase in partakers, and Im sure the branches will be told to home in on those in their countries that partake.

  • dozy

    I'm surprised the Society still publishes this figure. It's becoming more and more farcical.

  • konceptual99

    If they stop publishing it then they will no doubt suggest that this is an unimportant figure, something between the individual and Jehovah. However they will also undoubtedly still do a count. Questioning this will be another marker of a critical attitude.

  • OneGenTwoGroups
    The rapid rise in partakers really fucks up everything for the Watchtower. It and the generation of 1914 are the twin elephants.
  • slimboyfat

    It's things like this that really make me wonder what goes through the minds of JWs these days. How do they justify it to themselves? To my mind, at one time, JW beliefs were at least plausible. And if you wanted to find problems with JW doctrine, such as 607 BCE, you had to specifically go looking for them. At least the doctrinal system was in itself coherent, even if it lacked outside evidence or support.

    But with the overlapping generation, and increasing partakers, the inconsistencies are right out in the open.

    The typical JW reaction seems to be just to avoid talking about these issues. That doesn't seem normal. Most JWs must know something's not right. I just find it weird.

  • OrphanCrow

    Could it be that the 'anointed' numbers are rising quite simply because the number of 'elite' conversions are rising?

    It could be just that simple. The top end of the WTS' class system is growing. More elites so therefore more anointed. More special people. More JW elite. And, the JW elite class' babies are growing up and of course....that elite class has watched their mommy and daddy sip the wine and be the special ones so of course....like daddy and mommy, like baby....

    I would like to see a country by country breakdown in anointed partakers too. Where are all those special elite JWs located? The ruling class, the special ones. Where are they? Who are they? I don't think that the elite class is growing simply because there are JWs out there with low mental functioning. In fact, I think it could be the exact opposite. The professional (wealthy) class is growing. It simply is what it is. No speculation needed

  • darkspilver
    steve2: Wild_Thing, I don't think they have ever given a country-by-country breakdown of the partaker numbers

    There's this.....

  • Giordano

    I see this not so much as elite born-ins but the common person (in every country) who was raised in a Christen household where it was a part of life and death that you pass on to a better place.

    Heaven for billions is a real place and a real hope so it's natural to override the stingy theology of the corporate WTBT$ that heaven only offers reservations to a relative few.

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