After all these years, I finally made it to Brooklyn Bethel!

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  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Hey, Governing Bawdy...

  • ToesUp

    Good for you Dub!

    It's funny you ran into someone that studied and felt something was off. I spent my entire JW life feeling that "something just isn't right." I used to tell my spouse that on a daily basis. "Something is just not right" is a true understatement. So happy to free!

  • Tallon

    As others have mentioned, something(s) did not sit well with me too.

    Just glad that I got out when I did.

  • dubstepped

    Sweet, I got two down votes! One for each finger!

  • steve2

    Dubstepped, appreciated your post along with the photo.

    My partner and I did a tour of Brooklyn in August 2016 and it included walking around some of the Watchtower buildings (on the outside of course). At that time, the tour guide commented that the JWs were in the process of moving out of the main complex. The big Watchtower sign still dominated the skyline but has now gone. It was an eerie feeling walking around - especially some of the well-appointed older buildings where Bethelites lived - it looked like the lap of luxury walking down the streets where house after house was part of JW organization.

    A memorable visit. Now, there is barely a trace of JW org having been there. The end of JW organization headquarters in Brooklyn has come while the world itself goes on as before. If you'd said to JWs even ten years ago, the world headquarters will be moving out of Brooklyn in ten years time, they'd have said, "No, the world headquarters won't be moving because the end is sure to be here by then."

  • sparrowdown

    Lol, dubstepped.

    Looks like a good answer for when someone asks you where Jehovah lives.

  • stuckinarut2

    Love your work mate!!


  • pepperheart

    Its good that they had to sell up and i wonder what will happen when all the money they have got fron selling up runs out ???

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I've read Brock Talon's books about working there. They're very entertaining though I wondered why he stayed so long.

    When you go on the tours, where do they take you? To where they publish the books and magazines?

  • Fisherman

    Dub, was that you driving a car on or close to Farmers Blvd?

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