What Did You Hate Most About Being A JW???

by minimus 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Yes Blondie, The Elder's meetings were the worst! Especially when you talk about the same thing for 2 hours and STILL never get anywhere.

  • marsal

    Going door to door

    Not being able to celebrate my little boy's birthday or buy him Christmas presents (Thankfully, I was no longer a JW after he turned 5)

  • SheilaM

    Besides depriving my children of the ony family that gave a damn. I would say the endless pushing, pushing demanding. 'Do ABC ok you did AB and C now do D oh no your not doing A well enough blah blah blah

  • Litebriterstill

    I have to ditto Francios "EVERYTHING". To think of the tanks of gas I went through so the "friends" could hop into a warm car in sub-zero Illinois winters. I hated long meetings and giving those 5 min. talks. My son and daughter hated them also.

  • NubianIsMe

    I have to agree that #1 is the same as a previous poster, not being able to openly question nonscriptual doctrine - even in my own head. Thinking it was something lacking on my part because I thought something about the "Memorial" wasn't quite right. #2 Being discouraged from going to college because time was toooo short (1972) and thinking my non JW dad non was a heathen because he wanted me to go!!!! I finally got my degree in 2001! M

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Headship, submission, "husbandly owner"

  • Farkel

    : And the winner is------------

    Having to deal with assholes like you. Yep. That's what I hated the most: assholes like you....


  • simplesally

    Never buying pantsuits because I thought I'd never get enough use out of them.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Great question minimus.

    By far had to be going door to door, it never failed, as if school wasn't tough enough, it always seemed my brother (elder) always picked the territory closest to my school, week after week, I blew up at him a few times and the only answer I ever got was you should be proud of calling on them. What an AS-----E ! Let's face it, all kids are fragile at the 12-16 years this DOES NOT HELP!!

    There was always one brother we hated when he closed with prayer, I am not kidding 30 Minute closing prayer, Just once I wanted to leave while he was still talking, hoping he would get the point.

    Then of course in no particular order,



    Cleaning the Hall

    leaving an hour earlier for the meeting because we had to pick up 5 people

    Waiting after the meeting for Brother to finish chatting, bad enough the meeting was 90 minutes then another hour waiting for him to lock up the hall.

    Book Study was the worst meeting by far, we'd be lucky if 10 people showed up, you know what that meant, more answers.

    Listening to the stupidity coming from my parents after an assembly, I know alot of kids think their parents are not to bright, but trust me MINE were not, I often wondered (fantasized) that I wasn't their kid.

    Luckily most of us on this forum got out, can you imagine if we were still in ????? hey that a good question to ask, new thread starting now ...........

  • Rainmakerone


    of course all the of the other stuff was bloody awful, the field service, our crappy family bible study, the freaks in the hall, but those songs! ARRRRRGGH i can still hear them in my head!!!!!.............

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