What Did You Hate Most About Being A JW???

by minimus 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    having to knock on strangers doors, giving a talk in front of an audience, being questioned by the elders, having to go to 5 meetings???....etc. And the winner is------------

  • freedom96

    Yes, a lot of this I hated with a passion:

    Standing out, being odd with no holidays, weird teachings etc.

    Field service, rain or shine.

    Having to answer up to the elders.

    Fear of doing something wrong.

    Going to all the meetings.

    Agonizing over assemblies and better yet, the special assembly day.

    Were not supposed to have "worldy" friends.

  • shera

    Knocking on doors.


  • minimus

    I started to really hate the meetings, especially the Book Study, the Public Talk, The Watchtower Study, the Theocratic Ministry School, the Service Meetings and the meetings for field service. Did I forget anything???

  • freedom96

    Hey minimus-

    What about them meetings?

  • Soledad

    I hated field service so much!

    I could never just say no when pioneer sisters invited me to go out with them on weekdays during summer vacation! It was like I was forced along, I could never turn down the invitation, out of fear that I would be considered "spiritually weak."

  • Francois


  • blondie

    minimus, what about the elder meetings?

    Francois, can you narrow that down to the top ten?

    What did I hate? Having to lie to the people from door to door about how loving the organization was.


  • shamus

    THE IDIOTS....

    Brother weirdo who had to come up to me at the end of every meeting and tell me about the latest star trek episode...

  • be wise
    be wise

    Walking on eggshells in my own head! - to avoid thinking about anything.

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