What's The Worst "Encouragement" That You've Recieved From The Brothers?

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  • Blueblades

    Don't worry about a career,or retirement,you will never collect it in this old system of things,welcome to the NEW WORLD SOCIETY! 34 yrs.ago.and you know the rest of the story MINIMUS.

    Blueblades ( and there was many more encouraging words to follow over the years )

  • Francois

    And in a similar vein, I was told - in 1963 - not to go to college by Jack Pyle in Kingsport, TN. "Why would I build a shopping center right where a highway was going through? I'd just have to tear it down. Same idea. Why would you go to college when the end is so close? When I think of all the windows I didn't have to wash, or all the apartments I didn't have to clean, or all the shit I didn't have to carry for these last four decades all because I engaged in independant thinking when I was 18, I could just crap little green BBs.

    The JW elders give such mind-numbingly stupid advice because they don't know any better. They are not trained for what they are doing. Recall that to be qualified to hang out a shingle as a therapist, a minimum of four years of college is required in most states; a Master's in Social Work, MSW, in a growing number of states. All that crap that's pumped into your head that Jehovah's Holy Spirit will tell you how to handle dicey personal problems is just that: crap. So, when faced with a real person with real problems, these jerk-offs don't know what to say.

    You know, it just came to me. I wonder if someone could bring a suit against individual elders for practicing social work without a license? Don't you know that the first elder who had to sell his house to pay off legal damages would shut those jerks up right quick - all over the world.


  • Mecurious?

    You know, it just came to me. I wonder if someone could bring a suit against individual elders for practicing social work without a license? Don't you know that the first elder who had to sell his house to pay off legal damages would shut those jerks up right quick - all over the world.

    Right on time as usual Francois'


  • minimus

    Has anyone successfully sued the elders???

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    ...That I should stick by my ex-husband...that he was 'depressed' and that was why he was always yelling, throwing things, and calling me filthy names, among other things. (they just referred to the whole emotional abuse and physical intimidation situation as "his behavior") and that I shouldn't be like Job's wife, but I should be a more supportive wife and "pray more".

    That is up there with coming by to 'encourage' me after my second miscarriage and saying "well of course you know the child has no hope for the future" then read me some scripture somewhere where Job had said it'd been better if he'd never been born, "like a hidden miscarriage."

    That was the beginning of the end of my faith in Jehovah, and the men he supposedly chose to comfort and protect the flock.


  • Litebriterstill

    Hugs to you all for the heartrending lack of support. Francios said it well when one looks at the uneducated blind guides we had. My worst encouragement? There were so many that I can only read yours tonight.

  • gitasatsangha
    You should have said, ''Smacking YOU would be much more effective''!

    Little Witch,

    Actually I did say to one of the MS's that I'd rather hit him then my daughter. Things got worse with us until we had an altercation in the hall on the last day I went there.

  • minimus

    Elders ALWAYS used to automatically encourage wives to 'do the Christian thing" and just stand by their abusive husbands and do so "without a word". If the husband cheated on his wife, refused to support the family or physically, mentally or emotionally battered the family, it was the responsibility of the "good wife" to please Jehovah and be "persercuted for righteousness sake".

  • Wolfgirl

    You're depressed? You need to study more. (Huh? How is that supposed to help?)

    No one came to visit you after any of your surgeries? Well, have you ever called anyone when they were sick? (Sister I Have Every Illness Known to Man But No Doctor Has Ever Found Anything really isn't high on my priority list, sorry. I have real illnesses to worry about.)

    Your husband mentally abuses you, and now you say he raped you? Well, you know what the Bible says about divorce. He hasn't cheated on you. (Kiss my arse...like I kissed his goodbye.)

    You think your father sexually abused you? Well, let us know if you know for sure. Oh, he's admitted it? Very well, we'll ignore you now. By the way, your father doesn't need to step down as an elder because it was so long ago. It doesn't matter that he's been lying about it for over 25 years. He's really sorry.

    If you ever need anything or want to talk, just let us know. (When you do, we'll ignore you for over a year, until you pester us enough that we tell your sister that you sound argumentative, so we're not going to answer you.)

  • viktoria

    I have a back problem. 2 operations for slipped discs.2 more slipped discs,but the doctors don´t want to do anything yet because there were complications the other times. I have had so many tests-some very painful- that I don´t wish to have to do again. Ever. At hospital the advice was to "learn to listen to my body". I have been to a hospital that specially takes care of back patients and have had help to learn how to deal with cronic backpain. So today I stay at home and take it easy on a bad day and as soon as I´m fine again,I´m back.

    The cong.knows this. At a dinner party I was sitting close to this elder who -out of the blue-started telling me that maybe I had backpain now and again, but what was the real problem with me was that I didn´t WANT to go te the meetings.So, I didn´t pray enough.What I should do was pray a lot more and Jehovah would give me the strenght do do my duty and come to every meeting and by the way do more in FS also!

    Go home sister Viktoria and pray,pray.

    I told him that he was only a truck driver so he shouldn`t pretend to know anything about an illnes as complicated as mine ,thank you very much. It made him very angry.But by that time,so was I.

    Hamas, your reply to this elder....hahahaha!! I wish I could have seen the face of this man!


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