Has anyone thought about if a General strike take place by undocumented immigrants.

by James Mixon 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Simon, yes that's true "no one standing up for them" but a two or three day strike will have a hell

    of a impact, it would be noticeable here in California....

  • rebel8

    How do we know it would impact the economy if we don't know how many are here?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    rebel: I know for a fact it would shut down southern Calif. The numbers are

    11 up to who knows millions, but if all Latin Americas illegals,undocumented and

    US born came together it would be a major impact on the economy.

    Sept. 28, 2006 The May day immigrant walkouts. Mostly immigrant Latin Port truckers,

    crippled freight traffic up and down the west coast.

  • prologos
    Social Security number, 2014 541000 SSN were issued to illegal emigrants. driver licenses--

    all kinds of foreigners, landowners can get these Numbers, social security numbers but stamped. not for work. and yes you could get a driver license if you had a residence, phone bill to show, at least it limits the liability issues with properly ensured vehicles. The government should have enforced existing federal law. created a more comprehensive temporary worker program. big crunches are coming, strikes or not.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Being Hispanic myself and having my wive's very large Mexican family so close by, I can tell you the reason they don't strike is a bit of every line bellow

    - A group of them are more concerned with getting their work done and getting paid. They work so much, they do not have time to think about striking. Watch the movie "McFarland USA". There is lots of true life scenes in that movie.

    - A group of them are concerned that an unsuccessful strike may lead to a mass deportation, started by each employer, of those who joined in. Coming back is always an option but in the days of Cesar Chavez, it was easier to come back. Today the violence in the border makes crossing it a dangerous feat. Once you are here, you don't want to go back and risk it again.

    - A group, or most of them, are not educated enough to care about politics and economics. If they would truly understand the role they play in this economy, they would definitely understand the power that they hold. While they don't, they have no driving force to demand anything

    - All of them, believe it or not, understand that they are here illegally. They are honest, respectful people and they understand that striking and causing a disturb will simply add to their already troubled life. Hispanics are thought and brought up to acknowledge that they need to earn their living thru respect and hard work. Ask any youngster that is here illegally what their grandmother would say if she knew they started a strike or a riot and see how much they concern themselves with family values.

    I live no more than 2 miles from the Rio Grande. I had illegal immigrants chased and cuffed in my very own backyard. Literally, inside my fence posts. My wife also has several relatives that are here illegally and they are the hardest working people I know. I do agree that a mass strike would definitely cause economic havoc

  • redvip2000

    We need to build the wall on the

    southern border of Mexico. I'am sure Mexico and the U.S. can work together on that.

    Yes i'm sure a wall will work just fine. Just pony up 10 billion dollars to build a wall, then Mexicans will go to their local hardware store and spend 100 pesos on some shovels to dig underneath it.

    Or better yet, why even waste time digging?

  • truth_b_known

    There are no "undocumented immigrants". They are illegal aliens.

    Anyone can get an Employee Identification Number from the IRS. That is how illegal aliens open bank accounts, etc.

    If you want to pay twice as much for your house and 4 times as much for produce, messing with the illegal aliens who build everything and pick our crops is a sure way to do it.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    redvip2000; Wall built in southern Mexico between Mexico and Belize, because the hard drugs

    come from those countries south of Mexico.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    OK folks, all Immigrants are ask to strike tomorrow..Unauthorized Immigrants 11.5 million 2011, and Immigrants one accessible resource the most current available data (2014) 42.4 million immigrants live in the U.S.....

  • baker

    n 2006, Joseph Contreras profiled the issue of Guatemalan immigrants illegally entering Mexico for Newsweek magazine and pointed out that while Mexican president Vicente Fox demanded that the United States grant legal residency to millions of illegal Mexican immigrants, Mexico had only granted legal status to 15,000 illegal immigrants. Additionally, Contreras found that at coffee farms in the Mexican state Chiapas, "40,000 Guatemalan field hands endure backbreaking jobs and squalid living conditions to earn roughly [US]$3.50 a day" and that some farmers "even deduct the cost of room and board from that amount."[3] The Mexican National Institute of Migration estimated that 400,235 people crossed the border illegally every year and that around 150,000 of them intended to enter the United States.[4]

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