Extreme joy from Witnesses regarding President "Tribulation" Trump!!

by Witness 007 19 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Vidiot

    I think a lot of JWs are just so damn tired of waiting for the Big A, that they'll pounce on any kind of bad news as a sign that the End is nigh.

  • scratchme1010

    So Sunday afternoon tea with my "anionted" mum and her old Witness holy friends. They start talking Trump how he "is gonna do somthing to start armegedon." No sad faces about this apocalipse. NO, they were all smiles...nodding their heads together, smiling like stepford wives. I was totally CREEPED OUT! I can imagine in 1939 Witnesses doing the same with Adolf Hitler.

    And they said the same thing when Obama got elected and made same sex marriage legal, and when Bush got elected and started the war in Iraq, and when Clinton was elected because of the "false sense of peace', and when the other Bush got elected for who-knows-why.

    Same nonsense, different name.

  • Londo111

    Nearly every presidential election was going to lead to the governments to turn on "false religion" and the Big A.

    4 to 8 years from now, JWs will forget all about what they said, and speculate how the new president will get the ball rolling.

  • sir82

    I am remember being told by a smug JW, "I think this is the president that will lead us into Armageddon".....

    ....when Ronald Reagan was elected.

  • Vidiot

    The'll be saying this when the first gay Muslim transgender president gets elected, too. :smirk:

  • Alostpuppydog

    First and foremost Adolf Hitler was faked in history to be the bad guy, just as was the Austria-Hungarian Empire during WWI.

    Second, trump may be a slave-driver, but is by no means a war monger like the Clintons.

    So sure we might have a revolution and the U.S. becomes no more, it's inevitable and not the end of the world. Study history, oh wait historians aren't reliable according to the dubs.


  • smiddy

    Every bit of bad news reported in the Media is proof positive to a JW , that the big "A" is just around the corner or the "GT" is here .

  • Vidiot
    Alostpuppydog - "First and foremost Adolf Hitler was faked in history to be the bad guy..."

    Dude, are you Poe's-Law-ing us?

  • Diogenesister

    They also wrote all their Babylon the Great theories when only Christianity carried any weight in their myopic Westernized world view.

    Even if the UN was able to somehow suppress religion in the west, how on earth do they think it would hold any sway in, for example, large swathes of Asia with it's many localised religious beliefs or the Islamic countries....I'd like to see the UN try to stop those Pathan tribesmen in the Afgan mountains from their weekly mozey down to the mosque!

  • sir82

    First and foremost Adolf Hitler was faked in history to be the bad guy,

    This site never fails to amaze me.

    Let me guess - Stalin was really a nice guy too, just a little misunderstood?

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