Extreme joy from Witnesses regarding President "Tribulation" Trump!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    So Sunday afternoon tea with my "anionted" mum and her old Witness holy friends. They start talking Trump how he "is gonna do somthing to start armegedon." No sad faces about this apocalipse. NO, they were all smiles...nodding their heads together, smiling like stepford wives. I was totally CREEPED OUT! I can imagine in 1939 Witnesses doing the same with Adolf Hitler.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    As I've said on another thread the Witnesses don't know their own teachings on the Apocalypse. Here it is:

    • The United Nations proclaims "peace and security"!
    • Then they attack "Babylon the Great".
    • Then, when all other religions have been destroyed, they will turn their attention to the JWs who have been untouched until that moment.
    • Finally, the heavenly cavalry, consisting of Jesus, the angels and the 144,000, will swoop on down to exterminate the everyone endangering the Witnesses. They will sling meteors, pestilence, more meteors, skyscraper swallowing earthquakes and finally, more meteors. That is the official Armageddon occurring at the end of the second half of the humongous tribulation.

    Ask your heaven bound mom how Donald Trump fits into any of this.

    PS: Tell your anointed mom that she's going to participate in Armageddon killing all sorts of worldly riff raff and their children.

  • schnell
  • prologos

    Franz, Knorr, Henschel, Drumpf are all cut from the same cloth. Black/white personalities, mostly white. Crazy ideas, but great real estate moves.

  • schnell

    @Village Idiot, and furthermore, they point to things like Russia's opposition to the organization there.

    Why? The organization is supposed to survive and preach to the ends of the earth. They're supposed to survive the attack on all the other religions.

    So stupid, all of it.

  • prologos

    Trump is anti-islam. perhaps wt has it wrong, Babylon The Great is not the empire, the empire of false religion (including false prophets) , but the greatly expanded religion radiating out of the heart of the Babylon's region?

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    @ prologos - as the scripture shows, Babylon the great is the mother of the so-called harlots - not the complete entity! (Rev. 17:5) Logically, BTG represents the worst and most influential of all these "harlots", and her ultimate demise apparently brings the other "harlots" to their end as well.

    Doesn't solve the riddle of who BTG actually is though!

  • Thisismein1972

    This also was said of Obama...Now he nears the end of his time in office and the world still turns. Still not seen any balls of flaming sulphur hurtling from the heavens.

    Same old same old.

  • zeb


    It used to make me cringe when I heard jw going on as you say. I have learned that they do this as their possession of life has the depth of paint and the strength of Kleenex. They never had a plan for school/work/ home/ as the end was nigh. JW are like drivers forever waiting for the race to start revving their engines but never taking off.

    Ask them if they have a bug out bag ready and their answers will be obtuse, un informed and show no understanding at all in survival (very small 's') like keeping the cars tank full etc.

  • Tenacious

    It's a broken record with the rank and file. They don't know no better. All they can do is parrot what their masters tell them. They are so spiritually drunk that they cease remembering what Jesus said about his coming at a time when it would be completely unexpected.

    Most JW's are brainwashed there's just no other way to put it. Poor souls have been mentally kidnapped without even knowing it. What's that saying? Control the mind and the body will follow?

    God bless these poor saps.

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