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  • SpunkyChick

    I'm considering getting a tattoo. Who else has tats? Let's see some pics of your tats...

  • neverthere

    I have 2 and love tattoos. They are great if that is really what you want to do, just remember they are forever, so choose wisely.

    I have a butterfly and a Unicorn.


  • amac

    If you really want to be unique, then don't get a tattoo.

  • Gadget

    What you thinking of getting? I've got a celtic symbol on my arm/shoulder. I got it 2 or 3 years ago, just before moving hall and nobody ever said a word about it, not even on beach or when you could see it through my shirt. If someone can tell me how to, I'll post a pic.

  • IronGland

    Dont do it. As I stated in the previous tattoo thread, it's like getting a pair of parachute pants permanently attached to your body. Remember, you may have loved Farah Fawcetts hair back in the 70's, but what if you had somehow gotten permanent farah fawcett hair and were stuck with it for life.

  • DanTheMan

    LOL @ Irongland!

    Silly rabbit, tattoos are for sheeple.

  • JH

    I remember when I was a kid, we went and bought bubbly gum, and they gave us a kind of a paper that made a tatoo on your arm. You only had to lick your arm, and put that paper where you licked your arm. Held it in place for a few seconds, and there it was, "a totoo". Who remembers that?

  • arachnia

    I love my tatts. I have three currently and I'm working on my next one. :) I only have a pic of my latest one from last year:

    I don't get mine to be unique, or trendy, blah blah. I have them because I like them. If others don't, that's cool too. :)

    Some advise: make sure you go to a reputable shop and artist. Chain stores can have particular artists who are uniquely talented, but many times that's where artists get their start and you aren't dealing with the level of experience required for a high-quality tattoo. Also, cleanliness is a major concern. Here in Michigan, there are only three counties that require their body art studios to be inspected by the Dept of Health. I have a particular shop I go to and they are in one of those counties. They are very professional, in fact, just walking in, unless you read the sign you might think you were in a jewelry store instead of a tattoo/body art shop. (It's XS in Rochester, MI if anyone in the area would like to check it out.)

    Do a lot of research on the shop/artist before committing to one, and spend lots of time figuring out what you want, and where you want it. It's with you for life so make sure it's what you want where you want it. Good luck! :)


  • SpunkyChick

    arachnia - Nice tat! Is that Sally Skellington or Morticia Adams from the Addams Family cartoon?

    Gadget - I actually have a bet going with my dad. I dared him if he got a tat, I'd get some lips inked on my a**.

  • Valis

    You can see this video clip, but it's kinda might want to Right Click and "Save target As" and try for a download instead of trying to stream it..

    John gets me on the tender spot..

    Some of my new thing is, always come up with your own idea....the meaning has to be something that will stay with you...that way you always enjoy it and if you don'tlike it after the passage of time, you can get if covered or changed into something else you happen to enjoy or find pleasing to your eyes. Will dig up some old pics later..


    District Overbeer of the "Illustrated"class

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