Does becoming (or remaining) one of Jehovah's Witnesses result in Poverty? Pew Research results differ from Watchtower claims.

by Balaamsass2 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • zeb

    simply yes.

    The wt denies education. Without education there is only the bottom rung of work to choose from. There is nothing ignoble about being a cleaner or window washer but it pays very poorly.

    The creation of retirement insurance was created to be there for folk when they had to finish their employed work due to old age or illness or because they wished to retire and enjoy what years' they have left in fine pursuits with some measure of financial help to pay the bills along the way.

    WT denies this with its endless dogma about the system ending ..."any minute now". Do we cease to pay car or house/home insurances because there is sickness in some countries, or war or financial despair in others? No.

    Whereas you most likely will never be in a road accident or any of the above you WILL get old and leave work for a number of reasons. So jw without any retirement cover or very little will have a despair at paying bills or dropping their health cover for example and no creative hobby to use their spare time on.

    But putting people in this desparate situation is to have them in your clutches completely hanging on every word of hope (!) you utter all the while asking them to give or their meagre funds; effectively taking the widows mite.

  • Vidiot

    Hmm, I'd never considered this aspect of JWism quite this way before, but yeah... it makes sense.

  • jws

    Isn't $30,000 considered the poverty line? So as of 2014, almost half (48%) are living in poverty?

    Also aren't JWs big among immigrants? They often get paid much worse (though a lot of it might be off the books and tax free if the rest of the country is anything like the border states).

    And their message also suckers in the poor and downtrodden due to it's message you can have a do-over and live again, but perfect in paradise.

    I will say, money isn't everything though. You can be very happy with less. There's also something I feel is noble about a job that doesn't take a lot of education. I'm stressing all the time about projects, due dates, working a ton of hours and weekend. On the other hand, I think fondly of the jobs where it was mindless work you could do in your sleep. Some were mini projects. Clean the restaurant (when I was 15). Paper boy delivery route (when I was 12). So my hours were as long as it took. Others were jobs where I had set hours. You arrived by a certain time and left by a certain time. Done. You don't have to think about work until the next day. There are some pluses to the low education jobs.

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