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  • Englishman


    (Hows yer head, BTW?) I have to tell you that my ex-PO informed that persons with psychological disorders were actually demon-possessed. 'Course, most of us knew that about Man U anyway, but people with mental disorders?


  • thegentleman

    Well, whatever Howard has, it hasnt hurt him here. He's a good 'keeper..He's third on the depth chart behind Kasey Keller and Brad Friedel for the US national team, and will eventually take them over.

  • Xander
    i wonder if there's ever been a JW with TS.

    Yup, I do/did, in fact, have it as a JW - no meds, btw.

    do you think the JWS would theink the person would have a demon?

    That was a pretty common assumption.

    he does cough, clear his throat, have jerky movements with his arms, claps, etc

    That is more like what mine was. As years pass, the 'twitch' moves around. Sometimes it's simply a muscle twitch in my arm, for a while I had to toss my head side to side....honestly, it's really VERY irritating.

    one of her tics was to say "F**k me in the A**Hoooollleee" man, can you imagine...not even realizing your saying this

    And anyone who says that is bullshitting you. It only takes a little concentration (as in, if you know you have it, you pretty much ALWAYS have this level of concentration) to know when your 'tic' is going off, and, generally, you are very, very conscious of it, as even simply hand or arm twitches is quite socially unacceptable.

    with extreme concentration some tics diminish or go away completely

    That's true, and why most people with it are generally quite fine.

    As you can imagine, it was a REAL problem for me (and, I'm assuming, many with it) at meetings. Because you got bored (and I was a super-duper-uber-JW...and STILL frequently got bored), you start twitching (or whatever). Of course, before the Awake article on it, most JWs refused to believe such a thing was anything but demonic posession - that it happened more during meetings and less when watching 'wordly' entertainment like TV or movies was a sure sign!

    (As an aside - anyone else every get intensely irritated at JWs who refused to believe anything medical science or science in general discovered until it was in an Awake? Very annoying).

    Anyway, in addition to concentration, getting lots of sleep helps it almost completely go away. I'm talking a LOT more sleep than is needed. I'm 24 now, and if I get about 14 hours of sleep, I can go through the rest of the day completely twitch-free. A more normal 6 to 8 hours leaves me battling twitches all day, and if I get less than that, it's quite difficult to get through a day.

    As with anything, you just have to be conscious of your limitations, and work within them. I try to get plenty of sleep when I can, and try to stay concentrated as much as possible, and, as a result, most people I know have no idea I have to deal with this all the time.

  • Hamas
    argueably the best football club in the whole wide world


    You've been watching The Premiership on ITV too much mate.

  • bittersweet

    Many people with Tourette don't swear uncontrollably. My brother has Tourette, as does one of my nephews ( and we think his brother may as well, but he isn't old enough to be properly diagnosed ), and neither one of them swears. My brother does make quite a few strange noises though. He has this new tic that makes him make a huge whooping sound ( high pitched mind you ) after he finishes a sentence. He told me he is driving himself crazy! lol It was pretty tough for him growing up. At the hall they would ask my mother to have him sit in the 2nd school. He tried so hard,at meetings he mainly did a lot of throat clearing and facial tics. I thought it was mean of them to single him out. I could understand if he was swearing, but he wasn't, and he wasn't really disturbing anyone. No wonder he doesn't like witnesses.

    I went with my sister to an all day seminar on Tourettes. One of the speakers ( she was awesome ) was a French teacher, and she was relating some of her stories. One of her ticks made her wave her left hand in the air and bang on something if there was a suface near by. Any way, she was driving in her car, and she started to have this tic, and a few drivers thought she was sticking up her middle finger at them so they did it back. She had such a good sense of humour, she said she just smiled back at them ( she said "what am I supposed to do, throw some Tourette literature out my window so they could understand?" ).


    I knew a guy once who had a mild case of Tourettes...he didn't cuss....he just twitched. Lives somewhere around Regina, SK last I heard....a good friend of my jw son...


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