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  • Englishman

    Maybe I'm in need of some enlightenment here. Through the means of educational TV (such as The Simpsons), I have always thought that a sufferer from Tourettes Syndrome cussed and swore for most of his waking life.

    However, just a few moments ago, I encountered this in Thursdays The Times:

    Manchester United expect to complete the acquisition of Tim Howard, the American goalkeeper who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, within a fortnight.

    Officials from Major League Soccer (MLS), who hold the 23-year-old’s contract, arrived in Manchester on Tuesday to hold negotiations with Peter Kenyon, the United chief executive, over an initial £1.4 million deal. The transfer is understood to have been agreed in principle after extensive talks between Kenyon and Ivan Gazidis, the MLS deputy commissioner. Further payments will be made to MLS if and when he makes a specified number of appearances.

    Sir Alex Ferguson also plans to sign a second goalkeeper this summer, with Friedel, another United States international, understood to be the leading contender. Fabien Barthez has been told that he can return to France, while Roy Carroll, impatient at his lack of first-team opportunities, is, like Seaman, attracting interest from Birmingham.

    Howard, who plays for the New York/New Jersey MetroStars, would not qualify for a work permit, having won just one cap at full international level, but United have learnt that he should qualify as a European citizen because his mother is Hungarian.

    Now, aside from my astonishment at an American actually playing for what is argueably the best football club in the whole wide world, I am dumfounded that someone with this awful disease could actually perform at all in any competetive sport. I mean, if he has this swearing disease, is he going to get a red card and be sent off every time he plays?

    Or am I in need of futher enlightenment?


  • expatbrit

    That's why he's going to Manchester, Englishman!


  • Simon

    If he's playing for ManU, he will be able to get away with anything ... Ref's have a different rule-book for them

    I wonder what it's got to do with being a Goalkeeper at all ...

  • SheilaM

    Englishman: I have seen a person with Tourettes that didn't swear just said weird stuff. Maybe he is medicated which helps or maybe he can control it. HMMMMM Could be interesting if not LOL

  • Cassiline

    He doesn’t have “Tourettes Syndrome”, it’s not even a disease, it’s just the American cover-up for the all the shit that comes from our mouths. Just about all of us are cursed with it. Dammit!

  • searchfothetruth

    He'd fit in well at United....what with the uncontrolled swearing and abuse that the rest of the team give the refs!

  • hippikon

    There is no such thing as Tourettes Syndrome - It's just smart people having fun.

    Bl..dy wa..ker, s...t, f..k, b...m

  • shera

    Hi Englishman,

    Or am I in need of futher enlightenment?

    People symptoms of tourettes can ease up much as they get older.Even when they do sports or an activity their symptoms bascially donot show at all.

    Take care,


  • Latte

    I know this is off topic, but I just gotta mention that I travelled into Manchester yesterday and it was fantastic.....loads going on....packed with gorgeous looking Italiens.....yummy.....

    Now back to topic....sorry Mike!

  • Amazing

    Turrets (not Tourettes) syndrome is a condition that makes my head spin around as I type swear words on JWD ... oh shit, damn it, oh shit, oh shit ... damn it.

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