Scientology special on A&E tonight with Leah Remini

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  • fedup

    I read her book and I couldn't put it down, the similarities to the JW life regarding how the church controls and judges the followers is incredible. I too recommend the book. It also shows that once you see the lies of the church and realize that you've been following a bullshit cult, you still try to justify that your church life wasn't a total waste.

    I went through the same feelings, I give her a couple more years and then she will realize that the cult was absolutely a total waste, just as I realized it eventually with the Watchtower.

  • flipper

    FEDUP- Exactly, I feel the same as you. My wife and I watched Leah's show last night on xfinity on demand and we both thought it was outstanding indeed. Very well done, very professional. And to get people like Mike Rinder on there who had been at the top of the Scientology food chain to talk about the physical and psychological abuse and how even his two Scientology daughters still shun him- I got tears in my eyes because my two JW daughters have shunned me for 13 years now ! This is the same shit- different cult.

    And it needs to be exposed. It's criminal. I'm glad Leah has this as a series so if people miss one episode they can tune into other episodes. I wish Jehovah's Witnesses would be exposed like this but the big problem is the general public will pay attention to the Scientology scandals more than JW scandals due to lots of Hollywood glitz and glamour being a part of Scientology. What " stars " or " celebrities " do JW's have that would do what Leah is doing ? George Benson ? I think not. Serena Williams ? Nope. She's not even officially baptized as a JW. Prince ? He's dead.

    It will take a person of STRONG ethics and moral character to expose the WT Society and it would need to be somebody that the main media looks up to as a celebrity or a so-called " guru " or " expert " on these subjects. I think if Steve Hassan was able to get some celebrity ex-JW's to expose the WT Society's practices of shunning, blood transfusions, or child abuse practices to go on a show- perhaps it would get some attention. But even Hassan may want to avoid lawsuits from the WT Society as other celebrities would. It's going to take someone very well known with a shitload of money to get this message out to mainstream America . In order to get people to wake up and pay attention

  • ShirleyW

    I agree with FLipper, like I said in an earlier post here I wonder why the JWs don't have someone like a Leah Remini type to stand up bring out the what's really going on behind closed doors. Like you said It won't be Serena Williams or George Besnon, because they just call themselves a Dub and probably haven't knocked on a door and turned in a time slip in decades.

  • nonjwspouse

    Update: I asked my husband to watch this show last night, he said sure! He took his sleeping medication so only got through about 1/3 or 1/2 of it before dozing off, but I am thrilled he agreed. He even said he would watch the rest later.

    I don't know how much reaches him, but somehow it must, on some level.

    II am so excited about this series. She is awesome. Her approach is great. I can see she is in the deprogramming stage of wanting to "change the bad things about Scientology" which, as so many here know, isn't gonna happen. But for the people indoctrinated, it is an early step in accepting how much is wrong. I think it actually makes the message she is delivering about the "dark truth" even more effective.

  • Finkelstein

    I'm glad that Leah has put herself out there to expose this cult in both its corruption and harm it causes people. The cover up of certain people concerning sexual abuse of minors is not surprising. It operates in a similar fashion to the JWS in that it offers up front a better way that is fruitful and improving toward ones life, mostly through publications Scientology publishes . The high controlling faction is there as well, the separating of people who are in and those who are out.. Its a game of exploitation, fear, manipulation and self supporting corruption around the procurement of power and money.

  • carla

    I have not seen yet but hope to. Maybe we should ask her to do an expose on jw's when this show is done?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Saw the first installment tonight. Chilling. Substitute countless ExJW stories for each segment. I'm sure the same could be said for the LDS and so many other cults. I couldn't help but admire Leah for her courage and willingness to speak out and marvel in her unique ability and capacity to do so. I also felt this sense that nobody cares enough for it to really impact these cults. If its a slow melt and burn maybe, but I want it all NOW! lol. One thing mentioned was that Scientology is having a hard time recruiting Sea Org members, and goes through great lengths to retain what they have. Sounds just like WBTS in relation to straight publishers. Carla I thought the same, if this show finds any sort of success, Leah should expand on it and JWs should be at the top of the list. ;) I also wonder if any active JWs happen to watch this series, its highly probable at least a handful will have that "ah-ha" moment. Isn't it?

  • nonjwspouse
  • nonjwspouse
  • KiddingMe

    Thanks for posting the interviews.

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