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  • figureheaduk

    Felt a little bored earlier so i decided to take a trip over to the WT's badly researched propaganda official site, when i stumbled upon this little gem concerning the Wiccan faith:

    It's the usual waffle from the (old) boys in brooklyn about paganism is worshipping satan, only the bible (and by implication that the WT) is the absolute "truth" blah, blah, blah. But the following quote stood out at me:

    "Jehovah gave these laws to his people because he loved them and did not want them to become enslaved by fear and superstition"

    Hang on a minute, isn't this supposed to be the same god whose "organization" is using fear of being wiped out at armageddon to control it's members? It seems to me that when the WT talks about other faiths, they are quite happy (and quick) to talk about fear, opression and false teachings that are apparently involved. However, when talking about themselves the WT conveniently excludes any mention of fear, opression and false teachings (1975 etc. anyone?) that it has inflicted/continues to inflict on it's followers.

    Just my thoughts at the moment, and in the fine tradition of free speech, there's no need to agree with me. Be warned though, I am wearing my asbestos flame-retardent suit........

  • Gopher

    JW's are among the most fearful and superstitious people on earth.

    As you said, they are manipulated by fear of Armageddon in the future, and fear of disfellowshipping or losing face in the organization now. The WT Society uses these fears quite well to control their flock.

    Superstitions -- ever hear that items at garage sales MAY be demonized? Smurfs are demonized? Saying the word "luck" is unlucky? That unusual things that happen are either a sign from Jehovah that he approves, or a "false" sign from Satan trying to fool you?

    Superstition = belief in things you don't understand (as per Stevie Wonder).


    Which craft?

    Like...which craft are they using to fool the masses eh?

    Great post FigureheadUK.

    Gopher: well put, I was thinking the very same thing regarding superstitions (Smurfs etc.).

    Gonna go check out a yard sale this evening nearby.....gonna see if I can find any Smurf-related items.

  • jgnat

    A little off topic, but it bugs me how the society turned "my yoke is easy" scripture around to, "If you are tired and discouraged, you just don't appreciate the burden as you should".

    They pile on burdens on the people, and don't lift a finger to help. Talk about oppression.

  • Ravyn

    well I am not Wiccan. But I am a witch. And I can honestly say I have not been afraid of anything since I LEFT JWs. Before I left them I was terrified all the time. (demonic afraid I mean).


  • happyout

    I remember anytime someone became "weak in the faith" people would start asking them had they purchased anything used from a garage sale, second hand store, been given anything by an unbeliever, etc. It's out of control. There are witnesses who won't even say they "wish" something would happen, they say they "hope" something will happen.

    How do they keep track of all those rules????


  • Tyler
    Naturally, we are free to choose which path to take. But since our eternal welfare is at stake, that choice is vitally important. To achieve spiritual enlightenment, we must pursue the way of truth—the way that is found only in God's Word, the Bible.

    We all know the veiled threat behind those words, but is it my imagination, or are the WBTS being a little mor PC in their wording?

  • Gadget

    Smurfs are demonised? Does that mean we've got to stop using bluetac(smurf poo)?

    I've known loads of people doing the fade that have got interested with witchcraft, ect. Is this just a comment on the people I know, or is a more widespread thing on people leaving the organisation? How prevalent is it in general society compared with xjw's?

  • rocketman
    We all know the veiled threat behind those words, but is it my imagination, or are the WBTS being a little mor PC in their wording

    Right - it's fear as the main motivator. If God is freeing people from fear, why the fear-inspiring threat of death for non-compliance?

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    I never knew anybody who lived in as constant a fear of demons and demon possession as the JWs I knew.

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