Name Things That You Can't Do If You Are A Witness

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  • minimus

    There are SO MANY things that you can't do if you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses. For example, you can't salute the flag or stand for the national anthem. Can you think of different things you can't do if you're a Witness???

  • SheilaM

    As a witness you can't stop posing questions ROFLMAO <just had to say that Min>

  • blondie

    1. Say what I really think.

    2. Conduct a meeting

    3. Read at the WT study

    4. Study the Bible without a WT publication

    5. Shave my head

    6. Have more than 2 pierced holes on each ear

    7. Wear slacks to a meeting

    8. Stay at the hotel I want to for a convention


  • Nosferatu

    Eat P****
    Fall down in a drunken stooper
    Listen to Blue Oyster Cult
    Watch The Simpsons
    Make Jokes about JWs
    Eat Medium Rare Steak
    Be Happy
    Record over those My Book Of Bible Story tapes
    Buy Things at Garage Sales
    Go To The Bar
    Sing in a Heavy Metal band
    Wipe your ass with the latest Awake magazine
    Talk to DF people
    Post on this forum
    Eat Lucky Charms for breakfast

  • Gopher

    Interesting lists -- Blondie and Nosferatu.

    Blondie's list involves things you cannot do in public, while Nosferatu's involve mainly private vices. I'll bet a lot of JW's F***, eat P*****, swear, watch the Simpsons, etc. -- when nobody is watching!!

    The main rule for the JW's -- don't get caught!! If you get caught, obviously then you've lost Jehovah's holy spirit.

  • minimus

    You can't talk disrespectfully to the sisters, You can't play the lottery, You can't swear. You can't wear logo tee shirts. You can't talk to one of the opposite sex alone. You can't wear a beard. You can't get "feeling good"...........

  • Reborn2002

    Trying to be specific about what is outlawed by Jehovah's Witness doctrine can be somewhat difficult, because the list is SO long.

    How about I generalize so as to shorten the list to one term?

    If you are a Jehovah's Witness, you cannot live an enjoyable life.

  • gitasatsangha

    can't visit websites such as this one

    can't play chess (wait..they fixed that one)

    can't have large unsupervised gatherings

    can't listen to rap

    can't listen to "death metal"

    can't publically disagree with the "society"

    can't give blood

    can't receive (whole) blood transfusions

    can't go to college (unless it's with a view of furthering your ministry)

    can't date "worldly" people

    can't remarry after a divorce unless adultry was involved

    can't date without a view towards marriage

    can't pray TO Jesus

    can't sue another witness

    can't believe in evolution

    can't stop going door to door and remain in good standing

    can't go to another church (even for a visit)

    can't sing non song-book religious songs

    well thats just a few i thought of off the cuff.

  • shamus

    Have any time for yourself....

    Have any self esteem.....

    Feel good about yourself, if just once.....

    Feel safe........

    Feel loved.......

    This could go on for daze.

  • minimus

    This LIST might be helpful to anyone "on the fence".

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