Why Do JW's Applaud At The End Of Each Day's District Convention Prayer?

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  • rocketman

    I'm not sure when it became customary to applaud at the end of the day. I'd imagine it was to show thanks for all the hard work put forth in providing such a sumptous spirtual feast.

    I did clap, because as someone who had been in a part and had family in a part too, it is alot of work and travel. What they want is ridiculous. There was one case where we rehearsed at a local KH, and one group drove two hours just to come and give their 15 minute part. I wondered how the CO could ask people to do that. Ridiculous.

  • TresHappy

    Like many in this thread, I applauded because I was elated when it was finished and you didn't have to hear all those people say "blah blah blah."

  • Thirdson

    I always felt that US conventions had way too much applause, may be the British are more reserved and only politely applaud at the end of each talk whereas in the US there seemed to be applause in response to every rhetorical question.

    In 1978 at Dodger Stadium in LA I remember one of the first speakers on the program exhorting the brothers not to applaud so much, which was immediately followed by applause, duh! I can't remember when clapping after the final prayer started. At least in the UK, I seem to think, this was reserved for the final prayer on the last day and was a sort of appreciation for the whole assembly and "phew, I am glad it's all over."

    I didn't clap much and felt a simple "amen" was sufficient.


  • blondie

    Actually, Thirdson, in the US, the speakers actually pause to allow for applause. My husband and I figured there was a place in the manuscript that said "Pause for Applause." You can tell by the upward sound of the speaker's voice that an applause pause was near.


  • plmkrzy
    I'll never forget that prayer given by an elderly brother that went FOREVER. Literally, it was a 15 minute prayer. And the brother would keep on saying, "And we say this prayer in the name of Christ Jesus"......then would take a breath and continue

    I remember that one!

    The clapping always served as a good alarm clock for me. I was never able to get deep enough into a good nap (thus possibly snoring) before the applause would go off and wake me up.

    How many applause pauses, lol, are there before lunch break, or intermission.


  • plmkrzy

    why do I have this sudden craving for a ham sandwhich

  • nowisee

    i don't remember the applause -- the idea of it certainly seems strange -- but then again i was out by 1976.

    when the day was over we just left! usually we left earlier than the prayer because my father hated getting in traffic jams and there was always a traffic jam coming out of yankee stadium!

    (oh, maybe that's why i don't remember the applause)

  • ozziepost
    My husband and I figured there was a place in the manuscript that said "Pause for Applause."

    Not quite, Blondie, but the manuscript talks are worded to allow for it. It comes in one of those "And aren't we glad brothers.............."

    The outline talks much less so.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Soledad

    it's like a big collective sigh of relief IMO.

  • minimus

    I remember a GB member, I think it was Carey Barber that used to LOVE the ADORATION of the assembled throng. He would get more applause than anyone I've ever heard. He would build up to a simple statement like it was the most momentous expression ever uttered. And I remember clapping with glee because this meant so much to this guy's ego. He would even look around the whole audience with this stupid grin on his face because he KNEW he was going to get tremendous applause throughout his entire 5 hour talk. I swear, if the applause was normal, he would've ended 20 minutes early everytime.

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