Why Do JW's Applaud At The End Of Each Day's District Convention Prayer?

by minimus 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • freedom96

    I would love to see the reactions of the "brothers" if one were to whistle real loud while clapping, maybe even standing on the chair for emphasis.

    Or, go to the convention and try to start the wave!!

  • Aztec

    Nosferatu LMAO! That's what always woke my father.


  • JH

    I never noticed that before. I guess I always left early.

    *Get the car parked far far away, so had to leave early class*

  • Blueblades

    We applauded because finally the Governing Body member finally finished summarizing the whole convention,err,and,err,and so,now then,as we go to our homes,err,eerr,so then,on the other hand,let me say,like I said before,snorring,20 minutes later he begins over ,someone finally taps him on the shoulder,and AAMMEENNNNN! APPLAUSE!

  • ozziepost

    They're so glad it's all over for another day!

  • minimus

    I do not remember this clapping phenomena until the mid 70's. And sometimes it was done and other times it wasn't. I always thought it was queer to clap at the end of a prayer. It just didn't seem right and it still bothers my conscience. Phew! I feel better.

  • ozziepost

    It started after the first conventions in the former soviet bloc were held. The conventioners were so glad to be at a convention after a lifetime of persecution that they stood at the end of the final prayer and applauded. At the time this was viewed as very unusual to say the least, but travelling GB members and zone overseers spread the experience whenever they travelled and it seems to have caught on and become almost obligatory.

    Strange how the Borg has its own "traditions of men", eh?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • blondie

    I knew it had to do with some international conventions.


  • shamus

    We would applaud the most at the end of the session, especially the last prayer,,, talk about taking forever! I was ready to scream out, "END IT", while the guy's saying, ",,,,and jehovah, please bless the butterflies, the worms, the sparrows...."

  • minimus

    I'll never forget that prayer given by an elderly brother that went FOREVER. Literally, it was a 15 minute prayer. And the brother would keep on saying, "And we say this prayer in the name of Christ Jesus"......then would take a breath and continue. More people were saying "AMEN" thru that prayer!. I should have gladly clapped when that prayer ended.

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