Why On Earth Did You Ever Become A Witness & What Made You Decide To Leave?

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  • minimus

    Hi Garnet. Before you decide to write letters to disassociate yourselves, please research this subject here. JT, one of our posters, has some excellent reasons why you might not want to do this. Check up on the pro and cons. You'll be happy that you did!

  • Garnet

    Hi Minimus,

    Thanks so much for the input I really do appreciate any advice anyone can give. Like I said earlier, I have been fading away slowly, it seems to be the only way without the harsh consequences. My husband just wants nothing to do with it anymore, but hasn't made the attempt at a letter. I will definately look up the pro's and cons...do you know where I can find them?

    Thanks again!

    Garnet :)

  • chester


    Welcome to the board.

    You can do a search on the pro and cons of writing a DA letter this by typing "disassociation" into the search feature of this forum.

  • minimus

    On Feb. 1st....."Disassociating yourself" by Dedalus has some excellent discussion on the thread that will be helpful for you to make an informed decision.

  • unique1

    Born into it, didn't have much choice. Never was fully devoted. I only liked service when I could go out with my girlfriends. and I developed this habit of picking at my nails during the meeting cause I was so bored. 9/11 though was the turning point for me. I remember my mom saying the best thing we could do was to go out and preach because we were the only hope people had and that we were the only people REALLY helping but preaching. I was like WHAT? Um what about all those people providing shelter and food for those whose home were damamged, what about all those people digging through the wreckage looking for survivors, that isn't helping????!! Plus at every meeting they would only pray for the JW families that were affected and I thought that was wrong. Over 3000 people died in one fatal swoop!!! Most loving christians should pray for all those affected, or at least I thought we should. Also, I was tired of all the politics within the congregation and the constant harping on dress and music and the like. 9/11 was just the straw that broke the camels back. I am still in slow fade mode. Being an only child, I don't think I could stand to have my only family not speak to me.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I was baptized in 1971 when they would answer any question I had. I left in 1989 because they could no longer answer any question I had.

    Thanks for your post It's so simple. You told your story well.

  • Redneck

    Born into it.....Family is still in.....

  • minimus

    HoChiMin was telling me today that although he had some doubts, the thing that got to him was the voting issue. The WT. gave the impression that this could be a conscience matter. When the CO came by he said some were misreading the WT. and besides, the voting issue didn't apply in this country.

  • truthseeker1

    A. A woman

    B. My consious

  • minimus

    From my experience, a woman and a conscience can get to ya everytime!

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