What happned to the Quick Builds

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  • Dagney

    Ahhh quick builds. I only participated in one, my own KH rehab. It was fun for me, even beer in the parking lot in the evening.

    It was quite a status symbol and feather in the cap of those on teams of "specialty" workers. Brag brag brag. I know they felt they were part of something glorious and had their own camaraderie. Some learned trades, and it was a brilliant idea from a high control group. Everybody got something out of it.

    But it really was scam. I've heard so many stories from professional contractors, brothers, that would try to guide the overseers and advise them of problems or things that they were doing wrong. Those project overseers would take shortcuts,ignore the advice of the professionals and not do things according to code resulting many redoes. The society always did things back then with the idea the system was ending soon and nothing really mattered in the long run.

    Sometimes things sound good on paper.

  • SeriousTruth

    I share a similar experience of what most here are saying. I am former, and had to run screaming after the hypocrisy and bad practices were just intolerable anymore. I got to attend many quickbuilds, and although many "born-and-raised" (a very elite and privileged group of people) told fantastic stories of how wonderful past builds were and how they go up in one weekend, I asked lots of questions and knew these projects took months, needed actual skilled labor, and heard so many stories of khalls with shoddy work. Lot's of tearing down and remodeling had to be done, even in my local area. Yes, they all had this view that the system would be over soon anyway (haha what a joke) so quick and dirty work (and free labor) was the idea. I was one of the majority who was standing around and eating some great food provided, but that's all it was. A lot of publicity, attention and - oh, getting out of meetings and service was the best part.

  • LV101

    I'm sure not a quick build but there is a new hall being built here in Vegas. Demographics are sometimes strange here but the general growth (not referring to witnesses) is unreal here. I was told the construction looks rather small from the road.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    My former congregation had a total remodel in the early 90's-- down to the cement slab due to mold. Fifteen years later we had to do a complete do over also because of mold. Neither was a quick build. This was months upon month's of daily labor for the local congregation-- Sunday WT on-site.

    For the second rebuild the RBC came on weekends. I organized food service during the week for the local brothers, because they assigned a clueless FT Pioneer/Elder/Service Overseer/questionable landscaper (I also took on hedge trimming after he assaulted our beautiful rhododendrum with an electric trimmer) to the job. He was happy to let me do it as long as I reported to him and submitted receipts for purchases. You know the drill-- I don't have a penis.

    The idiots didn't do something right with the soffits. There was a torrential downpour. All the sheet rock was soaked. They had to tear it all out and start over again. The elder in charge of the project walked away in tears that night. We were all exhausted.

    This was at the same time that my son was coming unhinged. I begged for a shepherding call only to be told to wait until the project was complete. By the time they met with me it was too late. I was already on my way out the door.

    They use and abuse free labor and funds until they can't anymore.

  • Finkelstein

    It varies from one area and another, there has been renovations here where I live that I hear about but no individual QBs .

    Did you know that participating in QBs appeases Jehovah to those who participate.

    Such a grand service and act of devotion to "his" will and purpose.

    Jah always likes free labor, money and property.

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    Que slim in 3...2....

    er--that would be--CUE Slim....

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    UK tv all time great series--Fawlty Towers.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i'm pretty sure the one recently sold--in Ryde isle of wight--UK--was one of the first quick builds in the UK. now a vet practice

  • Dunedain

    I went on 1 "quick build" in my young life, and vowed NEVER again. I was about 18 to 19 years old, and i realized within 5 minutes that it was a JOKE.

    Even at 18 years old i had a fairly extensive construction background. Home improvements was my first trade, and i had been involved in it since about 12 years old, and actually started my own company at around 18 years old.

    I only went, cause at that time i used to hang with a bro in my cong that liked to help out on "quick builds" every once in a while, and i went along with him. Honestly, he was a drinking buddy, and i think his "slave labor" at quick builds helped ease his conscience of all his drunken nights from the rest of the week.

    Anyway, i saw the ridiculous way things were run, and that there were essentially people in charge that didnt know anywhere near as much as they thought they did. In turn, they were delegating "jobs" to other people who REALLY had no idea what they were doing. Yes there was a TON of people standing around, but that didnt bother me as much as the people that actually were doing the work had no clue what they were doing.

    I was watching studs being ripped out that were already cut and nailed into place, because they were cut at the wrong size. I witnessed roofing shingles being put on without proper flashing work, and so on.

    It was just stupid, and i couldnt get outta that "quick build" quick enough.

  • _Morpheus

    I said what i meant, mac 😎

  • steve2

    I think JWs have now well and truly moved on from the Scripture, β€œBy this all will know you are my disciples if you give yourselves much self-praise over your quick builds.”

    The GB have re-examined this Scripture and have now realised the koine Greek was referring to β€˜all knowing you are my disciples if you advertise, advertise, advertise your lovely, air-brushed, white-teethed website.’

    in this case, the evidence strongly suggests the light is getting whiter.

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