How much do you tip and why?

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  • Robdar

    For poor service, I tip nothing. For excellent service I tip 20 to 30 percent. For so so service, 15.



    I too work in the service industry.

    Overall, I tip well. I know how damn hard it is to work in a bar, and everyone wants their drink, yesterday. But for the most part, you smile, make conversation, and a steady clientele.

    I tip probably about: 20% starters.

    Occasionally, I'll tip well over that. Some people and the places that they work, make a night memorable. I've seen me tip 30-50%.

    Sometimes however, I have had people look sad, they want to tip me a particular amount, but they're a bit hard up. I am always forgiving, and tell them "I've been there too!" and the next time they come in, my goodness....they more than make up for it.

    Last night (at work) for example, one thing that I find helps is always greeting your customer, making small and friendly chat with them. If they stay for more than one round, sometimes it helps to introduce yourself. I never ASSUME a tip, I always give back the money and let the customer chose the amount they wish to give.

    Sometimes, I can move heaven and earth: get nothing ( 0 ).

    Some people from other countries are not familiar with tipping. It's kind of awkward to explain, but I know it's not because they don't want to, they just aren't familiar with it.

    Interestingly enough, the bar I work at has been more and more frequented by Australians and New Zealanders. Best customers! I LOVE THEM. From what I understand, tipping generally is not what's done there, but they do know that it is what's done here in North America. When they come into the tavern where I work, we get along like a house on fire. It's great!

    In Canada and the United States, most of the people working in the service/hospitality industry (Restaurants/Hotel/Bar) make base wage (minimum wage) and have to rely on our ability to provide good service. Thus the importance of earning the 'tip'.

    I find that people who work in the bar/hotel/restaurant industry are the #1 BEST tippers.

    BEST: working class people, doctors, medical/hospital staff, punk rockers (no joke), army veterans (great people), to name a few.

    Worst: the BMW/Mercedes crowd. Lawyers, architects, generally very wealthy people.

  • blondie

    15%-20% for ordinary service (depends on the locale)

    20%-25% for good to exceptional service

    0% if every part of the service is substandard, we talk to the manager (this has happened only once and was a nightmare evening; we ended up not having to pay at all so 15% of no bill is 0% anyway.)

    I will mention that we never blame the server for badly prepared food. That is the chef's problem and needs to be addressed that way.

    We frequent the same restaurants on a monthly basis so the owners and waitstaff know us by name. Tipping properly gets you remembered and service is always outstanding. The owners have been very helpful in adapting their menu to suit my hubbies new requirements.

    Blondie (and Irreverent--whose father was an atrocious tipper and the family always had to go back and add more to the tip)

  • hippikon

    We have a thing called "Minimum Wage" in Australia. Tipping generally isn't expected. (But if I get good service I usualy do give an extra few bucks)

  • dedalus

    I tip generously, it makes me feel munificent.



    I usually tip 20 to 25 per cent. Even if the service is bad I still leave a decent tip. I can't just not tip. I have no idea what that person has gone through before they got to me. I like to give people the benifit of the doubt. Just call me soft!!!


    Knowledge Changes Everything

  • els

    You can all come into Frank's for a pizza or dinner anytime you want. It's a great place but the owner can be a dick. I was headwaitress until last August when we had a huge blowup and I quit. I still waitress there though, I make up the difference in pay by not having as many distractions and being able to give my customers my full attention.
    We have a lot of regulars from the area but we also get tons of tourists in the summer. We're between Lake George and the Great Escape amusement park. In the winter we get the skiers headed for Vermont. And then we get the bikers for Americade in June, the car show crowd and the leaf peepers in September and outlet store shoppers year round.
    Most of the time I am a great waitress. I chat, find out where you're from, recommend places to go, GET YOUR ORDER RIGHT!, bring all the extras, refill your drinks, clear away empty dishes, bring you your check promptly and get you your change. And if there is a mistake or delay in the kitchen I will tell you the truth and get you something to munch while you wait, on the house.
    But if you're going to be a jerk to me just because you can, I'm not going to be polite and if you're really bad you're food is going to take a really long time to come out.
    Gotta go, working a double today. els

  • rocketman

    I tip close to 20%, give or take a couple % points. Even if service is less-than-ideal, I still give at least 15%.

    The other day, we ate at a local restaurant and the dinner salads were not served. When our meals came, the waitress (one different than the one who took our order) asked if we got our salads. We said no, and she brought them out, so we ate them with the meal. She explained that the original waitress was new. We tipped near 20%; we saw no reason to hold back due to something that can easily happen to anyone, especially a new employee. And besides, both waitresses apologized. It was all good.

  • Yerusalyim

    I'm a 15%er for good service, 20% for excellent, I've only tipped 25% one time in my life, to a waiter at a Carrabbas in Tampa, FL. He provided the best service I've EVER received, those in my party agreed. We had a table of 10 and he walked away with about $100.00 from us when it was all said and done. I can't think of a time I've never left a tip, though I can think of a time or two when I've left one copper penny for the worst service and rudest wait staff. But that's only happened two or three times. I've gone as low as 5% for crappy service. I generally round UP to the nearest dollar figure, and if the service was good (as in something extra) I leave a penny along with the dollars, I was taught that that was a way of acknowledging they did a bit extra (that's what my wife said, she used to wait tables). Anyhow, that's how I tip. I'm not afraid to go cheap if the wait staff doesn't give a hoot.

  • Reborn2002

    I agree with the general consensus here. I tip based on the quality of the service in that individual circumstance. 20-25% for outstanding service, 15% for average service, and if the service is subpar or nonexistent, I tip accordingly.

    Worst case I ever had? We (a group of 4) were seated at an Outback restaurant in Arizona, and it took the waitress literally 20 minutes to come over and take our orders. Mind you, this place was not busy at the time, and I could see her yapping with one of her buddies in the back from my seat. Anyway, when she FINALLY took our orders, she had the nerve to be rude to us (her tone was very condescending and sarcastic) and even then she did not get our orders right.

    Did she get a tip? Yep, she sure did. I left a handwritten note with a TIP on it. "Lose some weight to be more attractive, and be nicer to your customers and you might get better tips from now on. You'll have to go fishing for the tip I left you today." I had left a rusted penny in a dirty water glass.

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