Local Needs Talk Given About My Family

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  • shamus

    LOL, Prisca.

    Also, Minimus, welcome back! I missed your threads!

    Getting back to it... I know what you mean, Prisca. They always assume that you are doing something evil. I heard a story once of a young couple dating that got reproved b/c the boyfriend parked his car over at his girlfriends for the weekend, and he went with their parents camping. THERE WAS A JUDICIAL COMITTEE ABOUT IT. Like, mind your own F***ing business, you arsholes. They are just nosey creeps sometimes when they want to get dirt on you!

    Minimus, good for you for fading. I say just stop going. Tell them that you think that the body of elders is against you in your hall, and stop going. Make them feel guilty for what they've done. Or, just say," with talks like that, I don't get any encouragement from going to meetings in this hall", and walk away. Hypocrites!~

  • JT
    Oz, I go to a few meetings per month. I won't go to the Special assembly day, the circuit assemblies or the District Con. I am fading.

    more and more jw are doing this and getting on with thier lives-

  • Wolfgirl

    I had a very similar talk given about me, when I was dating someone who was studying but not yet baptised. I was marked. OOOO... *rolls eyes*

  • Shakita

    Sounds like you are "marked" minimus. At this point, your name has probably been mentioned among the elders to be on the watch for any clues that you are going to the dark side. But, they will only be forgiving for so long, after that you will get the "silent" treatment. We were marked before we left, too. If you ask me, it just makes it easier to leave for good. Maybe that is why they do this in the first place, so you WILL leave. I know that some of the last meetings we went to were pretty unpleasant. I hope they let you guys fade without a fuss.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • minimus

    One of my elder friends told me today that he is definitely going to go to my daughter's wedding. When I told him that I would understand if he felt that he couldn't go, he said that the CO mentioned to the elders hoe the Society wants the brothers to be on guard against going to "worldly" weddings. He then reiterated that because of our 45 plus year friendship, he would still go!

  • Gadget

    Thats an interesting point about Achens family being destroyed for not reporting his wrong doing.

    How many elders children do you know that have had their things covered up....

    Does this mean a load of elders are going to be destroyed soon?

  • minimus

    Yes, Gadget, the elders families are going to get it first! I know of an elder that was recently deleted because his son was no longer interested "in the truth". They took the bookstudy out of his home and removed him ....all because his 18 year old son wised up.

  • Gadget

    This is sounding more like one of your other threds on why the organisation has so much power over people. They give talks like that so the elders don't have to actually do much, they use the congregation to do the shunning and put the pressure on for them. Except its not just the individual that gets effected, how much pressure would have been on that elders son just to conform and not bring it on his family. Poor lad.


    Boy oh boy, does this ever sound familiar.

    That is what happened to me.

    Someone was ready to go running to the elders about me ( didn't want to be blood guilty ).

    Does this ever bring back memories of the winter of 1984.

  • Garnet

    A similar thing happend to my husband and myself...actually we had JUST started dating and since I had just started to study with the JW's and my husband wasn't baptised, he had to sit 2 seats away with his parents in the middle, was not allowed to talk about his "new girlfriend" or anything like that. Well for the following 4 years until we were engaged we dated "secretly" which wasn't a big secret anyways. There were always talks about dating unbaptised sisters, I felt so bad that they embarrassed him like that in front of everyone.

    I was also questioned numerous times about conduct after he was in his car accident. Since he was bedridden for weeks, he needed someone there at all times, so between family and myself, we took shifts...they counseled me on the possibility that we could have sex....this was after he was almost killed in a car accident! Here is this poor guy laid up on the couch, barely able to move and they were worried that if I was "un chaperoned" we would have sex.....like I couldnt wait that whole extra 4 weeks until the wedding!

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