Minimus Is Really Alex Trebek

by Stephanus 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gopher

    Yeah, I guess if you know Alex Trebek... you know something about game shows. Sorry!

    Er, um, I don't know a famous Jeopardy contestant who got all the questions right !!!

    Edited to add:

    Perhaps we can say "Minimus belongs on Jeopardy. What a great contestant he'd be -- he'd know all the questions!"

  • Stephanus

    RF, you may remember that Tony Barber tried to get an Australian version of Jeopardy going back in 1993, after he'd been kicked off Sale of the Century. Alex Trebek is the American frontman for the show.

  • JH

    Minimus is Farkel and JH and Alex Trebek all at once

  • Francois

    Alex Trebek, IMHO, is as full of himself as any person I've ever seen - bar none. When he lived at home with his parents, his father had to put a tub over Alex's head to see if the sun had come up yet. Brilliant boy was young Alex, just brilliant, and still is - you just ask him, he'll tell you all about it.


  • xjw_b12

    Oh Francois, just when I was going to post that Alex is from Sudbury, Ontario, you post that.

    You are just too farging funny !

    Good thread Steph.

  • minimus

    Now, am I supposed to ask a question here or give an answer???

  • no one
    no one
    Now, am I supposed to ask a question here or give an answer???-Minimus

    Oooh, sorry, Minimus. We were looking for 'a question'. 'Quesssstion'.

    JH, you have control of the board and have selected 'Apprentice Trolls' for $500. And the answer is "His name is disguised as a weekday."

  • Aztec

    (((Mini))) I'm glad you're back! :) If you are, in fact, Alex Trebek, you should have the answers. I think... *confused by entire thread* ~Aztec

  • ikhandi


    think Minimus is Agent Smith - after all, he's already morphed into JH

    Prisca your too funny

  • Reborn2002

    Funny, I always thought minimus was:

    Anne Robinson from The Weakest Link.

    Think about it.

    Anne Robinson has red hair. Minimus is a red dot.

    Anne Robinson asks an endless array of questions. Minimus? Ditto.

    Anne Robinson can be rude to contestants. Minimus can get riled when certain circumstances arise.

    Coincidence? I think not. We found you Anne!

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