A Visit from great Uncle Jehovah

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  • hillary_step

    Excellent stuff as ever Duncan,

    You have a great gift for the folk-tale!

    Targets that I had not met. Standards that I wasn’t living up to. Requirements that I had failed to observe. A falling-short. A failure to reach out. A missing of the mark.

    ....and there we have perfectly summarised religions greatest weapon of control against the human spirit - guilt. As Willy The Shake said, 'The mind of guilt is full of scorpions'. Early Christianity seems to have been a much happier way of thought until Augustine perfected the techniques of self-loathing and attached guilt like a barnacle to spirituality. He infected the Western World with this thinking, to which every religion still pays homage today.

    Keep them coming, one a week please....lol

    From a good friend to a good friend - HS

  • SixofNine

    Duncan, most wonderful as always. Yes, one a week, get busy.

    Expat, I think you have another man-crush, you old sod, lol.

  • Cassiline
    Uhh, hello, Great Uncle Jehovah. WONDERFUL to see you again! How are You?”

    He stared at me in silence for a moment. Then regally turned His head and looked out the window.

    Of course! How could I have forgotten?

    I turned to Jesus and said:

    “Uhh, hello, Great Uncle Jehovah. WONDERFUL to see you again! How are You?”

    Jesus turned to Great Uncle Jehovah and said: “he says hello, wonderful to see You, how are You?”

    Great Uncle Jehovah said “Tell him I am fine, but I am mightily disappointed in him. An average seven hours-a-month shows no appreciation for everything I do for him!”

    My favorite part above!

    That was an excellent post, thank you.

  • Duncan

    Thanks for the replies, all.

    James, many thanks for your comments,

    you copped-out at the end... ... Uncle still kills you, if you do not accept him.

    absolutely, I agree, and it was not my intention to write an advert for joining a church. The ending was supposed to be "Duncan re-joins the local community" rather than "Duncan rejoins a church". Maybe if I'd've thought about it a bit more I might have made the organisers of the carol concert a more decidedly non-religious group, like the Boy Scouts or the local primary school, or something. I already deliberately chose "Village Hall" rather than "Church Hall"

    E-man, I really don't know if Watford have got any aspirations left, after watching them this season. But don't worry, I'm sure they'll be playing fixtures against Pompey pretty soon. :-)

    Hillary, Great to hear from you again.

    ...attached guilt like a barnacle to spirituality...

    isn't that it, exactly?



  • expatbrit


    Now I've been able to read the whole thing, I enjoyed it immensely (as usual!). A wonderful Dickensian feel to it. But surely this is just Chapter 1? What happens next, when Great Uncle Jehovah finds out about your rebellion? Don't leave us in suspense!


    p.s. Reborn, you wanna come up and see my puns?

  • Nosferatu

    I agree with expatbrit, we'd love to read another chapter! That was friggin' awesome (sorry for saying 'frig' uncle Jehovah) :)

    Duncan needs an episode where he throws his burden upon Uncle Jehovah.

  • hillary_step
    Duncan needs an episode where he throws his burden upon Uncle Jehovah.

    lol...I think Duncan is Uncle Jehovah's burden.



    That was great Duncan, I really enjoyed reading that. Very cleverly written.

    Thanks for sharing, and if it's possible to see another chapter, please.....don't keep us in suspense any longer.

  • Wren

    I love it! C.S. Lewis on psychology of religion meets a touch of Beatrix Potter storytelling styles. Both are favorite authors.(B. Potter for four generations of children now.) I printed this out to pass around. Thanks.

  • Sunspot

    Very interesting and most enjoyable! I'll be looking forward to MORE!!!!



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