How old do you feel?

by JH 22 Replies latest jw friends


    Honestly, I don't have anything older to compare myself to, because I am not there yet. When I get there, I'll be repeating that same line. Oh well.

    I feel like I am 40 going on 41.

    I like where I am at. I still look (?) younger than my stated years. But I know eventually, that won't hold up long and I'll be saggy/baggy everywhere....good grief for viewing eyes.

    I don't feel younger, and I'm not ashamed of my age. Just glad to be the person I am today.

  • Aztec

    If it helps Rayzor...I think you are looking good!!! I feel twelve almost all the time. I act like it too! :o ~Aztec

  • Sentinel

    I feel like I'm 38. When I look in the mirror, I know that I am not physically 38 any longer. Still, that age marked a great change in my life. I began to learn how to love myself and lots of my perceptions began to change.

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