Political campaigns disgust me

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  • Azalo

    i probably overgeneralized about CEO's but I was talking more about the michael eisners, steve jobs, bill gates etc. anyway the thread was about political campaigns. i just get annoyed when people want to criticize athletes and entertainers for the money they make, if we didnt watch them they wouldnt make that much money. its the same as when people blame our economy's problems on welfare, it just distracts from the more important issues.

  • ThiChi

    ""....And don't forget the second richest man in the world is a Democrat, ThiChi. However, I have to wonder about those statistics you threw out. Did the Democrats get a lot of money from unions, etc., which looked like it came from super- rich people? I have a hard time believing that too many rich people would not favour the Republican tax plan over the Democratic one (except for the Hollywood guys).""

    Your right, its amazing! Look up the news story, its all there........Reality can be a bitch!

  • IslandWoman

    As long as the electorate allows itself to be bought by cheap shot ads, or sounds bites it will continue to get what it deserves.

    The electorate must be willing to educate itself about its government, it seems though that too many are more concerned about what they get rather than how they get it. Many enrich themselves at the expense of others, than turn around and blame the children and the poor for the problems.

    The City of Daytona Beach prostitutes itself several times a year to special events. Drinking, sex etc. etc. is promulgated by the city fathers, they seem to salivate at the thought of the revenue from these events. Meanwhile the county is suffering from a high rate of pregnancy and crime among its teenage population. No surprise there. The teens who get in trouble are thrown into poorly supervised and dangerous juvenile facilities where rape and suicide occur. So much for good government!

    In a democracy, poor government is the fault of the electorate. Not enough people care enough to make a change. It is at times almost as hard to be a "little person" in a democracy as it is in a totalitarian government, the feeling of helplessness can be just the same.


  • searchfothetruth

    I think at the top levels Democrat and Republicans have exactly the same politics...

    those of self enrichment and screw everybody else.

    Political division are diversions.

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