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  • Ravyn

    They mentioned on Monday that Josh is now on active duty. He had said a few weeks ago that his CO kept his whole unit out of traveling anywhere while he was in the competition--because he said if they go he will go---but after it is over they all went back on Active. He had an interview last week on a local news channel and said that he was not sure if he could tour with them this Summer or not---it depended on World Events.

    I was a little worried a couple of times last night with Ruben's sweating---he looked like he was going to fold under the strain, but maybe someone like Dave Matthews can give him some tips and he can lose a little weight and get healthier.

    I loved Clay best, but honestly, last night it didn't matter to me who won. It was a surprise tho. I think Clay has the stuff to go on with a career without it. I know Ruben has a band in AL, but somehow I just didnt think he would have the business connections to make it into something big without American Idol--so I am glad he won.


  • SheilaM


    Thank you for letting me know. I do worry about Rueben weight I don't want him to go the way of some of the greats we've lost ya know

  • Mulan
    They mentioned on Monday that Josh is now on active duty.

    Thanks...............I completely missed that............must have been channel surfing.

    Did anyone else know that Clay was tall? I thought he was about 5'7" and he is 6'1".
    That's amazing to me.

  • morrisamb

    Hi gang...I've watched tons of concerts where a performer sweats their head off...Aretha Franklin, Barry White come to mind...

    I'm a sweater myself (6'2, 190 pounds so I'm not heavy)...I'm used to it...and I've been in a lot of stage shows...other than make up running, in my case it has nothing to do with energy.

    I think Reuben will concert worthy...maybe he'll incorporate a scarf or some thing like that in his wardrobe!

  • joelbear

    I wanted Vanessa to win.

  • morrisamb

    Hey, Joelbear, I loved Vanessa too!!!

  • azaria
  • azaria

    What happened? I'm not that empty-headed?

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