I have a scary secret admirer.........

by Ravyn 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ravyn

    who uses my own email address to send me very strange e-cards.........

    check this out!


    should I be worried?


  • Brummie

    Dont be worried, just ignore, sounds like a geek.


  • riz

    i'm scared now. hope that helps.


    Ravyn, there's nothing particular comforting about an anonymous 'secret admirer', especially when they are not making themselves known.

    These 'secret admirer' things are innocent and harmless enough, but if it is beginning to upset or bother you, then it is no longer fun or harmless.

    It's an infringement on your privacy and well being. (mental health especially)

    Hopefully, the person is well-meaning, but still...one has to be careful these days.

    So Secret Admirer, give her a good hint, so we don't all get too worried about this situation.


  • Scully


    Have you considered reporting this to the website that sent the card? They can probably do a trace of the individual's IP address. They may not be able to tell you who it is, but they can get authorities involved if their service is being used to harass or stalk people who do not wish to have the attention.

    Love, Scully

  • happyout


    Every woman should be on guard at all times. If you can ignore the messages (in other words, don't open them) and be extra cautious when going out alone, I think you'll be ok. BUT, don't be afraid to ask your local police department if there have been any incidents in your area that started like this, and if you should be concerned. A long time ago, this kind of thing was cute, but depending on how long it goes on, the frequency of contact, and the weirdness of contact, it could be a bad thing. Just be careful.

    Happyout (who wants you to be ok)

  • manon


    Always use discretion never give out personal information out on the web. Individuals aren't always what they appear to be and their intentions might be less than imagined. Please take care.


  • Celia

    beautiful music........ sounds like Farkel ......

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    hmmmm..... pretty weird, but I think you're ok ...

  • Ravyn

    what I can't imagine is why that greeting card site would have such a graphic on there....!? I mean what in the heck would that card be appropriate for? I sent them a request to find out the address/IP. But what whoever did was use my email to fill in the FROM box cause I got a notice that I had viewed it--like I had sent it. I have a number of weirdo friends who I know personally and offline who would send me a card such as this. I just thought it was a little odd to get it right after we had that thread about scary movies going yesterday. (Don't think I am going to rent any scary movies this week end now....)


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