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  • Garnet

    Hello All! I am new to the board, but also need to vent!

    Right before my husband and I were married I was in a bad car accident and then 2 months later, my husband was almost killed by a drunk driver. The Doctor in the ER had falsely stated that my husband had been drinking and he was couseled for drinking and driving...right in the ER! Later that eveing the Dr. came back and said that his blood work showed that he had NO alcohol in his system. I knew he hadn't been drinking and driving...he isnt a big drinker to begin with anyway.

    Anywho! 1 month after the accident we were to be married in the KH, 2 weeks before our wedding day the Elders pulled us into the back room for "a discussion" We knew something was up, but didnt know what...The Elder that had already accepted the request to perform the wedding decided that since our meeting attendance slipped (mind you, I now have a condition that spurs frequent mirgraines and at the time was going through PT for the injuries to my back, and my husband had been laid up for 1 month already..he was very very lucky) and he did not feel comfortable marrying us. He also said that we were not "spritually mature" to be married and that we could no longer use the KH to be married in....Nice Huh! I cried my eyes out and refused to look at them in the face...I was so angry and hurt. THEN they had the balls to ask us to "push the wedding off for another 6 months until our meeting and service picked up"...two words...FT...My father was recently diagnosed with Cancer, and my Step Dad could have dropped at any minute...I wanted them to see me walk down the aisle. They made me feel selfish and also made me feel that God would not accept our marraige... NOW I feel better It's good to vent...I am just very happy that I found a place where I can realease all these feelings and NOT have to worry about being "judged". I am looking forward to reading and sharing thoughts with all of you.

  • integ

    I remember the scripture "You will know my people by the love they have amongst themselves". JW's always use this to say they are the true religion,but in my experience I've always gotten more "love" from "worldly people"..Even though raised in the "truth"...Now this has been explained away as being because I am in the world sometimes and the world is "fond of it's own". If I were more "spiritual" the world would hate me. That's nice. But at the hall they are for the most part self righteous, stuck up people. who really don't like me because I'm too much in the world. It is very "conditional" love. The whole "love" thing among the JW's is a bunch of horse hockey.

  • Litebriterstill

    Thank you all for sharing. I have stories from all 7 halls I attended. That is not where one finds true friendship. ONE BIG DISSAPPOINTMENT! From elders to writing the society, one hurtful,damaging waste of time when we each only have so much. I would love to name names when I tell my stories. Is that wrong?

  • Joyzabel


    welcome all the newbies!!!

    yeah this place is a great place to vent. If you have time, you should read some of the old stories of people who are here. Blah, blah, blah, lots of similar cirucumstances and abuse by the WTBTS.

    I'm glad BDF started this thread. Hope it has helped more than just him to vent!



  • azaria

    Hi Blindfool:

    I just came on to check if anybody responded to the post I started earlier today. It hasn't popped up yet. Yours caught my attention and it really saddens me. To think this happens to so many people. I also stated that I hated the JW org. I was so angry earlier today. My brother called tonight and we talked for about 1 1/2 hours. He allowed me to vent, and then were able to talk about other things. The reality in my family is, that my three brothers and I have a good relationship, we all have a good relationship with our children, but my brothers and I plus our children don't have a good relationship with our parents, grandparents. We try to have a relationship but it's very difficult. The kids don't want anything to do with them. That's pretty sad. Not only for my parents but especially for the kids. As for not helping anyone that's sick, is so unbelievable. At my church if anyone gets sick, or for any other reason where help is needed (with their approval-some feel they don't need it-they have enough family members to help out) there's a support system (much like meals on wheels) and people cook meals, some freeze it, and bring it over for the duration of the illness.

  • Mystery

    Blindfool - I know that you were venting, so this is sorta off the subject: Please DO NOT let your children get baptised! "They" (at least at my Hall) started mentioning baptism in our early teens. I was baptised at 13. They make you feel guilty if you are not planning on baptism. They manipulate you to feel you have to be baptised or (frankly!) you WILL die. Please, please, please do not let your children get baptised. OK your wife it caught in the deception and lies and false love; do not let your children get caught up in this. You are the "man of the house" UNTIL you go against "Jehovah's will", you will be doing this if you will not let your children be baptised. I don't know how your children feel about JW's or their age but keep this in mind. Bribe them, secretly give them birthdays and holidays etc.... sports, encourage a higher knowledge (college) whatever it takes (almost) but please, even if you have to march into the assembly and take them out of the pool, don't let them be baptised into a live of "hell".
    I am sorry I know it was off the subject, but... i don't know.

    Garnet - did you get married at the KH?

  • Garnet

    Hi Mystery,

    No we didn't, we had to rent a room at a hotel...which was a pain in the neck, esp. so close to the date...And just as a kicker there was a "Majic" card competition going on next door!

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