Threat Level AGAIN raised in US

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  • Shakita

    The terrorist threat level is now back to orange (HIGH) again.

    What do we do this time? Last time we were told to go out and buy duct tape and disaster supplies.

    Is this another cry wolf episode?

    I am beginning to wonder if all this chatter is for real. They say they hear it, but don't tell you what they hear. It is really starting to piss me off. And, I don't piss off easily.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • foreword

    You're not alone.

    Is the chatter so gibberish that they can't decipher it themselves that's why they can't tell us what the chatter is all about cause they could be wrong. If that's the case well then, shut up. Wait till you're sure then tell us. Of course theres going to be chatter, duh, what did you expect?

    Naw they all have to cover their asses. Sometimes I wonder if the ones claiming to be attacked aren't the ones funding the attacks or masterminding some of them just to fuel the fires. Capitalists are a crazy bunch, they'd kill to make more money, or to make sure they don't lose their share.

    It's not a thing of religion, ethnicity and all that. It's all about those who will not share the wealth. Freedom fighters go back to the beginning of times. Fighting the rich, the exploiters. Nothing wrong with that. That's what freedom of speech is, the fight for equality.

    It's just that this time we have a little too much destructive power. We haven't come close to World war 1 and 2 yet, but things are heating up everywhere. Some wars are not even covered in the news cause there's not enough time. I'm seriously thinking of moving out of harms way, there's nothing I can do to stop it, and I have little faith in the ones that could.

  • Gopher
    Some wars are not even covered in the news cause there's not enough time.

    Exactly right! It would be hard to sort out what are the true and false threats anyhow. It's impossible, even for those who spend their entire careers studying terrorism. If the news shows were expanded somehow to cover all terrorist threats, just imagine how black the world could look!

    I'm seriously thinking of moving out of harms way

    And where, exactly, might that be? Terrorists threaten people in the Middle East, in Europe, here in the United States of America. I suppose we could all move to Madagascar, if they'd allow us in.

    Probably the best we can do is just go on living our lives, and if we see anything unusual happening report it (or if it is an actual terrorist attempt, try to thwart it if we can -- like the Americans on board the last plane to go down on 9/11/2001 did who stopped the hijackers from steering the plane into the White House or whatever the target was.)

  • Satanus

    It's probably just a scare tactic to distract from the panorama program on the neocons.


  • proplog2

    The only thing that will stop the terrorists is to drop a major bomb on Mecca right at Haj or whatever they call it. Then they will understand that Allah can't help them.

    Invading Iraq was supposed to make us all sleep better?

  • rocketman

    Given what's happened the past few days, it's certainly appropriate to raise the threat level.

    Problem is, each time this happens, local communities must shell out big bucks in increased costs for extra security and overtime pay.

  • Shutterbug

    The authorities are caught between a rock and a hard place, don't say anything and if the worst happens, think 9/11, people will want to know why they weren't warned. Warn people they are picking up what might possibly be a terroist threat and we get posts such as this one. Protecting us from terrorism is not an exact science.

    I think Iraq is important because the U.S. now has bases right in the middle of the terrorists lair and they know it. Already Iran and Syria are softening some of their positions. The recent bombings in Saudia Arabia has shocked the royal family to it's core. So, standby, this could get interesting. Bug

  • Shakita


    Warn people they are picking up what might possibly be a terroist threat and we get posts such as this one. Protecting us from terrorism is not an exact science.

    You are right. Chalk my pissed off attitude yesterday to being dog-tired! The government is right to warn the citizens of any impending attack....I guess it is just frustrating not knowing when and where. As I send my kids off to school, I am afraid that I will never see them again. Am I over-reacting? I don't know. I just know that children are our most precious possession, and I worry about them being a target of terrorism. What better way to hurt an enemy than to hurt their children?

    Mrs. Shakita

  • undercover
    Invading Iraq was supposed to make us all sleep better?

    I'm not a big Bush supporter. I'm not big on "pre-emptive" war strikes. But President Bush did warn that attacking Iraq and winning that war would not stop terrorism. He warned that there may be retaliation from extremist groups. No one can say that we weren't warned before going into this that this could happen.

    People think differently about war and violence when it hits closer to home. Us Amercians are so cocooned and sheltered. We don't know what war or terror is. Except for war verterans and now New Yorkers. Our leaders say "war!" and we all jump on the bandwagon. When they raise the terror alert level to orange, we freak out. On the bright side though, we may argue and bicker amongst ourselves and whine and cry about things but when or if the disaster hits, Americans put all that aside for a while to take care of business. The city of New York proved that.

  • caligirl

    I am glad there is a warning system to keep us alert, but I feel it is important to keep it all in perspective as well. Enough has happened recently to warrant the alert. But it is just that - be alert, watch for anything suspicious and go on with our lives. The chances of being injured/killed because of a terrorist act are so slim - we are in more danger each and every time we back our cars out of our driveways. We all use our cars on a daily basis and don't give it a second thought that we have things to do and places to be. Why should something that is far less of a personal threat cause major changes in routine? I look at it as "Whatever will be, will be" and my family and I have a life to live in the meantime. Terror is not just the threat of physical harm. It is also mental/emotional. Terrorists have succeeded if we allow ourselves to be controlled by what might happen, or what we are afraid might happen. Maybe I have a naive way of looking at it, but it keeps me sane! I cannot worry about that which I cannot control. (note: this is my personal opinion and how I choose to view the issue and not meant in any way to invalidate or slight how anyone else chooses to view this matter)

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