Was it just me or was something different about the memorial last night?

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  • kpop

    This was the first memorial that I declined to do any work for the memorial. I was assigned as a parking attendant after getting downgraded from doing the sound and had no intention of doing either task but I had to attend for my family and continuation of my fade. Enough about that. I sat there last night listening to the talk and couldn't help but shake my head as my brain attempted to process the BS. I think I even involuntarily facepalmed myself a few times. The speaker made sure to highlight at least 3 times that the worldwide memorial attendance is growing each year and this is a clear sign of Jehovah's blessing. He mentioned twice that the attendance was 20 million something but he did not mention one time the number of memorial partakers. This is the first year I remember that and talking to some of my friends afterwards they also all noticed the same thing. The talk was very generic otherwise and I think most people started to fall asleep of they must have been thinking to themselves "how many times to I need to hear this same bullsheet?" I noticed many people did not even bother to open the bible and read along. It was as if the energy was gone from previous years. Lots of people came late this time which is also new compared to previous years and the hall quickly emptied after. As I said, not much enthusiasm this year compared to other years. One brother who is usually friendly and stays long after the meeting ran out with his family with not a lot of smiling and talking. We had the same attendance as last year and the same old "memorializers" who come with their marriage mates or family out of obligation.

    So to sum up last night-

    Not one single mention of the number of partakers but three times mentioned that 20 million something attended the memorial last year and this was clear proof that Jehovah's is blessing his only organization, because growth!

    Same old boring talk, very generic and the same as every year. Lots of filler with the 144k, Jah's only organization and other BS.

    Same old memorializers and same attendance.

    Lots of sleeping people.

    Zero energy, zero enthusiasm. Most people came late and left immediately afterward. Was different than last year.

    I know that this could be my own subconscious bias wishing for this to happen so my mind interpreted the situation differently, but I can't help but get a different feeling this year that the energy is lost. Anyone else here notice this? Are people finally getting tired of the BS?

  • pale.emperor

    I think it's just a tradition now. The ones who turn up as guests are almost always family members who were never in "the truth" but turn up to this once a year because it's the least they could do to keep their spouse/family happy.

    Thinking back, i didn't like the memorial. I didn't enjoy it, i didn't think it was a celebration in any sense of the word. It was just boring. The popular elders families milling around greeting and smiling to the new faces as if they'd be friends with them if they ever attended the meetings.

  • kpop

    Thank you PE. Yes I mean there will always be those who go out of obligation but I'm talking about the regulars. They looked liked they did not want to be there. Apropos, I was thinking about the application of why "we must attend the memorial" and if you read the whole context, if you were anointed you would have been there to participate, eat the bread and drink the wine. All others did not need to attend and didn't. Am I wrong about this?

  • truth_b_known

    There's nothing like showing up to a party in which the guest of honor doesn't show.

    "We attend to show our respect for the arrangement."

    Seriously - If you know ahead of time that not one partaker is going to be present, why hold the event? It's like preparing a massive dinner party and then everyone shows up, stands up against a wall, and watches a table where no one is seating with food no one is going to eat.

    Why not just have the speaker ask: "Is anyone here tonight going to partake of these emblems?" If no one responds, call it a night.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I hate the memorial. It's the closest thing to a ritual that JWs have and yet they conduct it in a way that has no emotional power or beauty. Even the puritans had more flair than the JWs!

  • lriddle80

    I went and they said over 18,000 partook and what percentage it was.

    What I liked about it was that my husband noticed the heresy in a prayer about Jesus being an angel and a lot of talk about works. He is not a JW, but he will defend them sometimes when I say stuff about them. So, that was a win! He did have to tell me to settle down when I was shaking my head no and I guess I made a psstsh sound..Lol

  • kpop

    Iriddle80, so they did mention how many. Ok, that is interesting because this was the first time I can remember they did not mention. Also I read on JWsurvey that over 18,000 partakers last year. I'm hoping for over 20,000 this year!

  • lriddle80

    A lady in front of me put a cracker in her purse, but she didn't know the ritual of refusing. I wanted to talk to her after, but was distracted by my grandma.

  • out4good4
    The ones who turn up as guests are almost always family members who were never in "the truth" but turn up to this once a year because it's the least they could do to keep their spouse/family happy.

    Was me being there with my spouse that obvious?

  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    This was our second year we didn't attend, and by the sounds of it, we did not miss anything!

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