Islam's Hour of Judgement

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  • proplog2


    If I tell you that Russia still has nukes aimed at the USA and will use them - would you say that's impossible?

  • gitasatsangha

    The islamic world is a bit more complicated then people in the west would like to believe. Yes economics has a great deal to do with it, as do the imams and other religious leaders who are determined to stop the loss of their culture at any price. European and American culture is expansionist in nature (by its own historical roots) and tends to infect like a virus. Thus we have Japanese businessmen wearing Italian designer suits, and children in Botswanna learning remedial english. Even China, after one last ill-fated attempt to stave off westernism, has become another member of the club.

    With the muslim world, you have really the last great non-Western culture still pretty much intact. And it's a force to be reckoned with for now for several reasons. One is the sheer land area it covers. Another is its relative unity under crisis. Still another is common language. Arabic is the lingua franca there, and though this might seem a simple matter, it actually has a great deal to do with holding a culture together. For instance, do seperatists in Quebec want to leave Canada because they exclusively like the Expos? It's langauge. Another thing is belief. Belief will be there, when there is no food on the table and no other method of hope. These are not a people used to the idea of empowerment. I have stated elsewhere, there is no record at all EVER of an Arabic democracy. Turkey is not Arab, so it doesnt count. :-) . Oil will be a prime factor until it's all gone. Honestly were there no oil, the Muslim world would be the ignored backwater that it was in the turn of the last century. And once the oil is gone (and hopefully we've figured something else out), it might well become a backwater again, except for perhaps areas like Malaysia. That won't stop fanatacism, of course, as czar already mentioned.

    In the future the pivotal points of Islam will be places like Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Iran. Key nations that have the ability to be highly influential to the rest of the islamic world. Or maybe Nostrodamous is right and some dude in a blue turban is abuot to start world war III. :-)

  • avengers

    I'm not here to be on someone's side, but I must say that Meta has some points to ponder on.

    "They must progress or face a destruction of their own making."

    I live in a neighborhood with many Muslems which puts me in contact with them.
    Many cities here in the Netherlands have neighborhoods like mine.
    Statistics show that the Muslem population is much less educated than the average non muslem population.
    I see it all around me. But actually when you think of it, it can't be any other way. Someone who's a Muslem must obey the Prophet Mohammed.

    Anyone not muslem is an infidel and deserves the death penalty.

    So think of that next time you talk to a Muslem. If he would kill you he will have done
    Allah's will. You mean nothing to a Muslem. I personally experienced this first hand.
    Someone tried to tell me not all Muslems think that way. Not true.
    The goal of the Islam is to conquer the world. Either you're a Muslem or you're not.
    Personally I compare it with the Watchtower's "Theocratic Warfare Strategy".
    They will lie to you if it serves Allah's Jehovah's will.

    In a progressing society there's no place for basic protocolls like "They hurt us in the year 1250, so now we get even".
    So If the Muslem way is to live on this basic protocoll, then how's he gonna progress? This is an honest question,
    maybe someone will answer this.

    In the mean time these guys scare me. I wish the WT gone, but these guys scare me more, because they will not
    hesitate to use violence in order to establish the law of Allah.


    Well I certainly hope that part of their Judgement includes making all the Muslim men wear those damn burkas.......see how THEY like being covered from head to toe!!
    And let the women be FREE! good point.

  • Realist


    you have twisted and neglected history and ignore major aspects of what is currently going on in the world.

    if the world would have started 1 day ago i would agree with you....but the opression of the arabs is going on for centuries (first the turks, than the british and french, now israel and the US.

    if you ignore history and the economical situation of the world than you will not understand the core of the problem or how to solve it.

  • Shakita

    Some World Christian Statistics

    Some World Religious Statistics (From Time, January 29,2001, p. 12)

    # There are 1.45 billion baptized Catholics around the world. 49% of them live in North and South America

    # There were 164 new bishops nominated by the Pope last year, bringing the world total to 4,439

    # The number of Catholic priests now number 404,626, 418 more than the previous year. There are also 814,779 women religious and 57,813 men religious who are not priests

    # The number of professed Christians around the world is now 1.9 billion. Christianity has a majority of the population in two-thirds of the world's 238 countries

    # There are now 33,820 Christian denominations or similar distinct organizations. Churches independent of the main branches of Christianity have 386 adherents

    # Muslims number 1.2 billion, 19.6% of the total. In 1900 Muslims numbered 200 million, or 12.3% of the total

    # There are 811 million Hindus in the world. There are 360 million Buddhists, 23 million Sikhs and 14 million Jews

    # 768 million are 'non-religious', up from 3 million in 1900.

    Sources: The Vatican Yearbook 2000 (1,2,3); The World Christian Encyclopedia (4-8).

    As you can see from the statistics above, Muslims are going nowhere soon. This is no David Koresh, there will be no Waco day of judgement, the Muslim religion is here to stay. I hope that the fanatical Muslims will eventually be caught and dealt with so that they can not spread their hate the other peace-loving majority of Muslims. The up and coming generation of young Muslims need to be taught to live in the world, not to try to KILL off those who disagree with their faith. Is this possible? Who knows. But, this is the key to the world's survival.

    The Muslims have long standing religious customs that I do not agree with, but with the increase of domestic relations between the countries, my hope is that the up and coming new generation of Muslims will not be taught to HATE the western world, we really depend on this new generation to bury the seeds of hate that the previous generation has instilled in their hearts. If this is not done, I fear for our children because there will be more 9/11's, or worse, in their future.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Amazing

    The Muslim world is a strange enigma of human development. It is likely the most counter-productive socio-religious system ever devised ... lest one can find something sensible about suicide.

    unfortunately, Islam will survive for generations to come ... making us and themselves more and more miserable. The west will continue to be damned if we do and damned if we don't ... that is ... if we develop other energy, we will be blamed for bankrupting the Muslim world ... and if we keep buying their oil, we will be accused of nothing but greedy motives.

    I personally have no use for such a system ... I have no idea how the west deals with such a treacherous situation ... except ... to understand that we are hated with a seething hatred and that we had better understand that we have only two choices:

    1. Lay down our arms and let them kill us, rape our wives, and torture our children ... or

    2. Stand up and fight until the day comes when radical Islamists finally wake up to find a better way.

  • Hamas


    but the opression of the arabs is going on for centuries (first the turks, than the british and french, now israel and the US.

    Correct. The Islamic world has every reason to feel hard done to as they have felt the bite of history the most, out of all national groups.

    • Palestine : Britain, with the help of America, gave Palestine to the Jews who have occupied it for more than 50 years, years full of oppression, crime, destruction and killing. America supports these outrages.
    • Somalia
    • Chechnya: America supported Russian attrocities
    • Kashmir : America supports Indian oppression against Islam
    • Lebanon
    • The theft of oil due to military threats from America
    • American invasion and corruption of Arab lands
    • Prior to the second Gulf war, American sanctions were the cause of 1.5 million men women and children being starved to death.
    • Iraq : The unjust killing of civilians in order to destroy 'weapons of mass destruction', weapons that have never been found. The main reason America attacked Iraq was to prevent Saddam Hussain's continued support of Palestinian freedom in Israel by means of sales from oil.
    • Afghanistan: The criminal killings of innocent civilians, under the scapegoat of 9/11.

    White house guru's may want to irradicate Islam, we are in for a long war. America and Israel have attacked Arabs and supported the attacks for almost half a century, killing millions.

  • gitasatsangha

    you forgot to mention Kosovo. What the Turks could never quite accomplish, NATO and the KLA acccomplished in a few months, driving out Christian Serbs who'd been there since centuries in place of a new muslim homeland. Muslims around the world should be bowing down to Clinton for that little goodie he threw them.

  • Ravyn

    so where does the vendetta attitude stop? every group of humans who have isolated themsleves into a group has experienced injustice and merciless persection in some form or another. who is going to be the one who says 'ok lets just go on, make the world a better place and forget past hurts'? LIFE is unfair. And the real oppressors are the 'gods' who demand more than humans can give in our human context. When will we outgrow the need for religion? I can't see it happening anytime soon, and unfortunately, I think the crisis will come before the evolution.


  • Realist


    i think you are a little too pessimistic! humanity might be the desease but it is also the only possible cure.

    When will we outgrow the need for religion?

    well communism eradicated religion...but unfortunately replaced it in most cases with other equally despicable faith structures.

    if the leaders of the world wouldn'T deliberatly keep the majority of people in the dark the world could be healed from religion (in any form) pretty quickly.

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