In Your Opinion, What Is The Purpose Of This Board?

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  • Eric

    For me, the single most important thing this board can do and has done is put me in touch with the formation of groups of people who are actually formulating a plan to do something about some of the most gross abuses of power within the JW's, ie: Child molestation, Blood Policy, rallying around a plaintiff in a difficult court case, mass mailing campaigns, etc. Groups of people with better ideas than I have. I pitch in with what I can do. I've met some good people.

    Then there are the debates between some heavy hitters from both the JW and exJW camps. People with almost unbelievable inside sources discuss issues here, and I'm indebted to have heard their various well-thought and articulated insights, mostly on-line, but a few later in person.

    These topics are a bit thin on the ground here lately, but you'll not hear me complain. There is also room here for "What kind of car do you drive?" or "This isn't a spiritual paradise." It just takes more than that to jump-start my thoughts. Call it a reverse Pavlovian response. Repetition for ennui.


  • azaria

    Initially I just wanted information on the Jehovah Witness Organization. My parents are witnesses. I had a very negative gut feeling about this org. but wanted to be sure if the feeling was right. Was it just embarrassing? Salvation Army could be considered embarrasing. But I have great respect for them. I know a number people that belong to the SA and they are wonderful, caring people. So that wasn’t the problem. I asked God, please show me, are they right or not? Reading some books and going to place like H20 and this site has helped me greatly. Because of time I’m unable to read a lot of posts. I read and respond to a few. What I realized in the last few days, I completely ignore any reference to JW’s. I think I had an obsesssive attraction to it. Thank you "Forum for JW’s". I’m starting to put it behind me. What will I obsess about now?

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