Did you pioneer?

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  • JH

    Did you ever pioneer in your congregation? I was an aux. pioneer 4 or 5 months a year when my seasonal job was over.

    What motivated you to pioneer?

  • JH

    In my congregation in the late 80's early 90's, there were about 30 permanent pioneers. It just seemed the right thing to do since so many were doing it. Quite a few like me were auxiliary pioneers. One started it and the rest followed.

    A few years after, some stopped, and then they mostly all stopped. It seemed to be a monkey see monkey do thing.

    After the spiritual side, then came the material side of the brothers and sisters. Sister started working and couples started buying houses. Then they all started buying houses and having 2 cars and taking trips.

    This makes me wonder what motivated them in the first place to become pioneers?

  • Aztec

    I was a regular auxilary pioneer for a while. I started at first because I was feeling extra zealous. Towards the end of it I was doing it just to try and motivate myself spiritually. It didn't work. I only wound up feeling more and more like a hollow drone. I think pioneering only expedited my departure as it forced me to spend more time inundated in jwism. ~Aztec

  • 144001

    No; my objective as a child whose exploitation was encouraged by the Watchtower was always to limit my JW activities to the minimum necessary to avoid adverse physical consequences. Baptism and pioneering were about as alluring to me as drowning in a pool of vomit and feces.

  • blondie

    I pioneered partly because I was told it was a good way to get close to people at the KH.

    I found that the pioneers were just as clichy as the rank and file JWs and had more opportunities to snub people.

    I enjoyed pioneering more when I went by myself.


  • caligirl

    Never! The thought never even crossed my mind. I watched my mother pioneer from the time I was 10 or 11 ( and she's still doing it) and she was/is miserable doing it, hates it (but won't admit it out loud), but feels obligated. I looked at her one day when I was around 12 and thought that if she was so blasted miserable doing it, why on earth would I want to join her in her misery? Seeing how "happy" she was in her pioneering was all the incentive I needed to know that there was no way that I wanted to go that route. I did the bare minimum that I had to as far as service went because I hated it so much.

  • Mulan

    I auxiliary pioneered often, and eventually became a regular pioneer, for over 2 years. I just always felt I should, and had it as a goal to do when my circumstances allowed it. I motivated myself.

  • Hamas

    I never did pioneer, although I said that I was once to keep people of my back.

    I thought that for the most part people volunteered to pioneer just to keep 'in' with Witness circles, such as 'wives of elders' club or 'kids of elders' club. There was one chance for you If you were not part of these two groups, and that was to pioneer and force your way in.

    I was part of neither, and did nothing.

  • nowisee

    i was always around pioneering and pioneers as a kid. someone in my family pioneered and i always went along. so as soon as i could i "vacation-pioneered" every summer - some friends also vacation-pioneered. (i gather they now call it auxiliary pioneering -- ah yes, another brilliant terminology refinement).

    after h.s. i worked for a while, then found a way to pioneer full-time and work parttime. this continued for several years; when i married my first husband we pioneered together - he aspired to be co.

    i remember the day when he confessed his hatred for service - it was like he had a moment of clarity and honesty - shocking everyone he told. then it seemed that permission was given to open up and level and one by one so many of us got honest and said how much we hated going out in service.

  • shera

    I pioneered once,I think it was called special pioneering?( I don't remember anymore,when you go out for 60 hrs a month)

    I hated it,I hated service so much and I don't even know how got threw it.

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