personal poll-serious responses please!

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  • teenyuck
    what do you want to see as the future of mankind in your lifetime?
    tolerance? peace? what? what is the agenda to YOU personally?

    Future of Mankind: That woman get the same pay for the same job/that Annika Sorenstam beats VJ in the Colonial/That People treat others as they want to be treated.

    Tolerance will not happen in *My* lifetime. Too many people with agendas. Peace would be nice, however, has there ever been a time when somewhere on earth people were not fighting? NO. Ain't gonna happen.

    My agenda is to be paid equally, be valued for what I can do for you; personally and professionally.

    I don't think the earth is on a downward spiral towards total destruction. Too negative. I am pretty cynical, however even I can see that there are too many good people in the world to let that happen.

    People will always be hungry, thirsty, not well enough off compared to another group. That is life.

  • Jayson

    Azalo you might like the book "World on Fire." by Chau

    As for fate: History is a great guide for what the future holds.

    For me 2007 is my goal for financial independence. But, I still plan to be fishing.

    The world will have to take care of itself. I've done my time as a politician. I think it has managed itself for billions of years before me and when I am gone I imagine it will manage for billions more without my help.

  • Hamas

    I hope to see the destruction of the Watchtower in my lifetime.

    As for the rest of the human race, I just want everyone to live peacefully, which is never going to happen. Life is a series of disapointments then you die.

  • searchfothetruth

    I have to agree with Hamas on this one.

    I would like to see my parents leave the society and be able to have some part in it.

    Life sucks big-time.

    You work to get taxed, maybe earn enough for a comfortable retirement and then you pop your clogs, and forgotten very quickly.

    There is no hope for peace because of the make-up of mankind and it's willingness to attack people who are different, on a low level and nationally.

    Sorry for the lack of optimism...I don't see anything to be optimistic about!

  • Ravyn

    lack of optimism is ok folks. I see little to be optimistic about myself. I will tell you what I am asking for your opinions for. I have an idea for a novel where ultimately all the good guys are the bad guys and the bad guys are atleast trying to survive in some measure of peace and happiness. My husband said it wont sell since I am making the good guys the real bad guys. But I personally think that that is what will sell it. I am so bloody sick of all these 'left behind' sort of armageddon novels...this time I want to make the 'sons of god' the bad ones...the ones with the hidden agendas...i want to try to incorporate every conspiracy theory from the last 50 years....but I want to pin the illuminati as the moral majority, not the black helicopter flying zionists....I want to turn it all on its head. Has any gamers here played Soul Reaver? It is a game where seraphim are killed in a war and reanimated into vampires who eat souls. Sounds pretty cut and dry, but it isn't. The good guys became the bad guys unwillingly, but some of them liked it. Then you find out the bad guys who did this horrible thing did not act alone and the real bad guys are the ones who started it all including the ones who started the war on both sides of it... I would LOVE to see this made into a movie!

    so I wanted to know what most people WANT for the future. Because I have personally been involved now with Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Witchcraft(a few different traditions), Roman Catholicism, Unitarian Universalists, Satanists, Deists, Atheists, Yankees, Rednecks, and assorted fundys of every color and creed. and basically everyone answers the question the same way. The idealists trust mankind will right itself and pull thru without too much damage to the planet. the realists see it all as a straight shot to self aniliation, perhaps deservedly so. So when you take away all those labels we call ourselves and each other...WHO ARE THE REAL GOOD GUYS AND THE REAL BAD GUYS?


  • Azalo


    thanks I'll look it up

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