Former elder Louis Angiuano found NOT guilty

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Trial jury clears elder
    Acquittal brings molestation case to speedy end
    By Heidi Rowley
    Staff writer


    A former Jehovah's Witness elder was cleared Friday of charges of sexual molestation.

    Louis Angiuano, 38, stood trial for three days on charges of continuous sexual abuse of a Visalia 12-year-old girl who was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses congregation where he was a leader.

    After a day of deliberations the jury declared Angiuano innocent and the case was dismissed.

    Jurors 'did right thing'

    Jury members refused to talk to reporters, but one was overheard saying to another, "I think we did the right thing."

    Angiuano and his defense attorney, Jim Wilson, refused to comment after the declaration.

    During the course of the trial the 12-year-old, her mother and a congregation leader testified against Angiuano.

    Proclaimed innocence

    On Thursday, Angiuano testified that he was innocent.

    Deputy District Attorney Afreen Kaeble said she argued that he was guilty of the offenses and that he had admitted wrongdoing to a Visalia police officer and his church leaders.

    The sexual advances Angiuano was accused of included attempting to put money down the girl's shorts, touching her buttocks, rubbing up against her and touching her crotch.

    Her family also accused him of excessive attention to the girl by taking multiple photographs and constantly coming over to their house.

    Originally published Saturday, May 17, 2003

  • Seven


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    I would like to read the transcript of this trial. Something doesn't seem quite right. A juror "thinking" they did the right thing just doesn't cut it. My thoughts are with the {{{{{{{12 year old girl}}}}}}}}}. There's nothing worse than thinking that nobody believes you.

  • avishai

    If it were my daughter, he would'nt get a chance to have a trial.

  • SheilaM


    I agree to not be believed is horribleIf he does it again (which he will) what will the jurors say?

    I also would stick his camera so far up his *** that he would need surgery to remove it. But then that would also be at the autopsy

  • shamus


    No kidding. If it were my daughter, it would be hard not to do some serious discipline work on the elder....

    The poor girl is ruined for life. And, her family too!

  • sf
    Her family also accused him of excessive attention to the girl by taking multiple photographs and constantly coming over to their house.

    Um, just EXACTLY who's FAULT is that?? Unbelievable!

    What the hell is wrong with this picture?? Same thing wrong with Elizabeth Smart's mother...sheer stupidity!

    These PARTICULAR parents, if that is what you want to classify them as, are EQUALLY AT FAULT FOR THIS HAPPENING; within both of these familes.

    Kids trust OUR judgement of people that ENTER OUR HOMES. They cannot tell someone to leave if they feel uncomfortable. They also have no idea YOU, THEIR TRUSTING PARENT, are (in the Smart case) talking to a complete stranger, ultimately INVITING THEM INTO THAT CHILDS HOME TOO. How rude is that? Not to mention STUPID. Mrs. Smart is equally responsible for her daughters TRAUMA.

    The parents in the above case are worse. ALLOWING pictures to be 'taken'...FOCUS! people:


    But why?

    Because the parents are stupid in these cases and many more. The 'allowing' and the 'knowing of' and the non-thinking process that is void during all of it.

    To 'let' this ass in their home and 'take /keep', this childs innocence by photoGRAPHING her. The child has no clue why the creep is taking so many pictures yet thinks it must not be wrong because why?


    IDIOTS! Then they come crying..."MY poor child...". Yeah, NOW they 'care' about photographs being 'taken'. hahahahahaha~sigh~

    I cut parents such as this no slack. They get what they deserve and SET IN MOTION. BUT THE CHILD DOESN'T DESERVE IT. BUT who cares about the kids, right? I mean, let's get honest. Care comes in the form of teaching. Teaching preventive lessons in protecting YOU. Talking honestly about why many people do what they do. Their motives. To always be on the watch. The three 'w's': well alert well armed well informed. That has become natural for my daughter now. She has good radar. She is not a lollygagger. I won't tolerate it. It could kill her one day if she 'lollygags'.

    Outrageous!! Fools even.

    sKally (edited to add much more 'afterthought')

  • SheilaM

    Little harsh there SF hmmmm he was an elder and I know how trusted this position is in the congregation, or have you forgotten?

  • sf

    Sheila, please, I am not about to get any of you to comprehend what MY thought processes and feelings. My posts are not about YOU. If it is harsh, to YOU, how is that MY fault? I can't get inside everyone's head and adjust MY words to 'appease' YOUR thought processes and feelings.

    That's just impossible. So, why don't you just not read my thoughts and feelings if they collide with yours. That's not a question either.

    Yeah, 'as if' I'm about to sugarcoat these parents. The elder, to ME, is a 'sidebar'. These parents are stupid. No other word describes what they ALLOWED IN THEIR HOME. Not just their home...those kids home too. Oh yeah, but the kids thought processes, feelings and SECURITY are null and oid. It's obvious in these cases I speak of above.

    Now tell me, how can I re-write this to suit YOUR 'person'? I'll give it a 'twurl'. And then tell me if it's enough sugar for YOU. K?


  • rocketman

    Well, since he was an elder, the parents may have been reluctant to tell him not to come over.

  • Ravyn


    I remember sitting in the livingroom hearing my sister SCREAMING in her bedroom with the door closed with my elder father in there 'trying to reason with her'--at the LEAST it was emotional and mental abuse, I suspect it was physical, don't even want to think it might have been sexual. All my mother could say to me was, "I wish she would just cooperate and get it over with..."

    I was 13, she was 9 and we had been going thru this our whole lives.

    I KNOW where you are coming from with your comments, caustic or not.


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