UK IndependentUK Commission on Child Sexual Abuse possible new, separate inquiry into JWs

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  • Lostandfound

    The Guardian Newspaper today reports that the ICCSA has received “numerous” reports relating to child sexual abuse among Jehovahs Witness's, and it is possible they will establish an entirely separate inquiry into these reports. The Government set up the ICCSA Independnt Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse some time ago and their has been a delay in the inquiry operating as thw role of chair s established.

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  • nicolaou

    Thanks for the heads up. Is this report in the print version of the Guardian? You're correct about the difficulty the Commission are having finding a chairperson, I believe they've got through three already.

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    I follow Guardian on twitter. Just had this in my feed

    Have you experienced abuse by Jehovah's Witnesses in the UK

  • Diogenesister

    This is mostly the work of a fantastic journalist named Sarah Marsh. She is currently looking for, and encouraging exjw's or current JW victims of CSA to come forward.

    Also a cheltenham MP, Alex Chalk, is going to table a backbencher motion for this issue to be debated in the House of Commons. Its difficult to get time for subjects to be debated within the commons, and government gets priority, particularly the cabinet. But backbenchers get a small amount of time to bring smaller issues to the fore.

    Quote in the Guardian:

    Alex Chalk, the Conservative MP for Cheltenham, told the Guardian that he was one of those who wrote to IICSA after two constituents approached him saying that abuse in the Jehovah’s Witnesses was systemic.

    He said: “I am waiting to hear back from IICSA and depending on what they say, I am planning to raise the issue in parliament and seek a backbench debate on it. I am not prepared to see this rest, not least because if we are going to drain the swamp it would be a huge missed opportunity not to deal with this [the Jehovah Witness abuse allegations] at same time of other aspects … it would be regrettable unfinished business.”

    IICSA was set up in 2014 to “expose those failures and learn the lessons” from the past after the 2011 death of BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, when hundreds of people came forward to say he had abused them as children.

  • Xanthippe

    Great report in the Guardian, thanks.

  • Vidiot

    God forbid agents of "Satan's World" do a better job dealing with the problem than those in "God's Earthly Organization".

    Should we maybe start a betting pool for which Western countries are gonna start revoking the Org's tax exemption, and when? :smirk:

  • Bobby2446

    Sorry to lay a wet blanket on your fire (well, I’m actually happy to), there was an “email IICSA” campaign last August (about 8 months ago) that opposers spread, and IICSA had basically a cookie-cutter reply of we are taking your email into “consideration”. That’s it. Not to mention a petition to IICSA that had over 3,000 signatures. Now the journalist is willing to take unconfirmed “stories”. It’s really pathetic how desperate they have become.

    And IICSA has been rife with controversy and corruption since its inception, with child abuse victims even criticizing it.

    The ARC surely did not result in charges being brought against any GB member nor a membership reversal, neither did the Charity Commission, and neither will this. I personally have no issue with any body doing an investigation.

  • Bobby2446

    So IICSA also stated that they are not opening any new investigations, but will consider calls for one into JW’s “carefully” — meaning they are not going to be pressured or rush into it.

    They are apparently being fair minded, seeing how they have been in communication with JWs since last summer.

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