UK IndependentUK Commission on Child Sexual Abuse possible new, separate inquiry into JWs

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  • Bobby2446

    I said this before and will say it again — public hearings do not employ the same rigorous approach to evidence that courts of law do. Courts exists for a reason, to LEGALLY establish guilt.

  • Sanchy

    No rational person would doubt mishandlings.

    This is no minor issue. The mishandling of potentially 1000s of cases over many decades meant added pain and suffering to countless victims. These victims are real people Bobby, not just statistics. Individuals that have been inflicted with severe and lasting emotional trauma, not only from the perpetrators, but also from witnessing the religion that they thought to be directed by holy spirit carrying out procedures that resulted in harm to themelselves and to others.

    As to the cover up, the evidence is out there for all to see. You and I both know how important image and reputation are to Watchtower. But who knows, maybe we will one day see a "real judge" clear the matter up.

  • Bobby2446

    Who said mishandlings were a “minor” issue? I simply place the blame where it belongs — on the abuser. Otherwise, I guess we can blame police for not “protecting children” when a child is abused in our neighborhoods. Sue the local PD. They are charged with and PAID to protect children.

    But logic and reason means nothing to you.

    And what evidence? News reports? “Stories”? If that’s your “evidence” of a coverup, then you’re prefect for the exjw community.

  • Bobby2446

    Let me tell you how bad of shape you are in with your “evidence” of a coverup.

    Irwin Zalkin took a bizzare and really a self-contradictory approach to “proving” a GB coverup.

    He found a lot of old 30 year old WT/ AWAKE articles about child abuse and how to prevent it. Then, he used those to advance the idea that the then GB was so on top of the issue that since they were unable to stop all abuse, they were deliberately ignoring it (covering it up)

    That’s a retarded argument.

    If anything, he showed just how proactive JWS were and how ahead of the times they were, and he showed just how interested in preventing abuse jws were, instead of merely waiting for a child to be abused and reacting to it.

    Is there any wonder why you need to pressure investigators using “stories”, news reports, and lies?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Bobby:"Otherwise, I guess we can blame police for not “protecting children”"

    So you compare a police who is completely unaware of child abuse with an elder who is very aware of child abuse and is advised by the Watchtower to hush. Your conclusion is that they are equally guilty.

    I will have to copy and paste your own words

    "But logic and reason means nothing to you"

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Bobby: "merely waiting for a child to be abused and reacting to it."

    If child abuse prevention doesn't work, no other organization reacts as swiftly and forcefully as the Watchtower does to protect...well...the Watchtower.

  • Bobby2446
    NVM. You’ve proven you’re not worth the time.
  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Elders get the report and report it to Watchtower, that's it. NO professional HELP to victim, NO serious PREVENTION, NO CRIMINAL charges.

    Police officer get a report and promptly start an investigation to HELP the victim, PREVENT other victims and bring CRIMINAL charges against abuser.

    I apply the same standards, very different results. Thanks Watchtower

  • Bobby2446

    “Watchtower” is not a psychiatrist, is not law enforcement, is not the court system.

    your post was stupid.

  • freddo

    "Watchtower" / Governing Body / Bobby2446 - all modern day Pharisees.

    All finery and scripture-containing cases to the front - an open gown at the back.

    Sadly for them the wind blows more strongly these days.

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