What do you think of Baha'i Faith?

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  • Eyebrow2

    Just a little curious....I had gone to one of the websites I found by searching Baha'i Faith online.

    I found a site that wrote on 9/12/01 saying:

    The destruction of the Trade Towers and the attack on the Pentagon and its related events should be considered a terrible warning for the safety, security and salvation of humankind.

    The second International Baha'i Council condemns the use of terrorism and violence as a means of change, but we have tried to warn the people of New York for years of these coming disasters, accurately predicting on national television the first act of terrorism against the Trade Towers in February of 1993. These acts of horrific destruction are only the beginning if the governments and peoples of the world do not submit to the authority of God and His Messengers and their clear and evident proofs.

    what is up with that??? I know nothing really about it so I figured I would pose the question on this board: Is this religion a bit fanatical? Do you know anyone in this faith?

  • Introspection

    You know, I know someone in the Baha'i faith and I've never really gotten a clear idea of what it is they believe, and this seems pretty out there from my general understanding of it - I suppose there will always be stuff that the general public are not told about. Of course, for me any belief based spirituality pretty much falls into the same category anyways, it's just an obsolete structure with new content.

  • Faraon

    Another middle-eastern cult

  • mouthy

    It was started by Mirza Ali Muhammed (Bab) & Mirza Husayn Ali ( Baha'u'liah) in 1844 it has grown to 5 million worldwide. in 233 countries with 1,700 Spiritual Assemblies alone in the States. new growth at 5.5% a yr worldwide wheras Chrisitianity is 2.3%
    They believe one could not know God. God by definition is static,changeless one,forever seperated from relationship with His created order.
    I got this from" Watchman Fellowship Profile Notebook"it has every religion in it.

  • BluesBrother

    I have talked to them sometimes in the "Ministry" in the old days. They always were friendly & hospitable

    According to "Search for God" by the WTS, they believe that all religions are divine in origin , differing only in nonessentials.

    "The brotherhood of man and the equality of women are major features of Bahai belief". They have a mission to convert the world to Bahai , uphold the laws of the land, vote but do not take office in politics and prefer non combatant duties if called to army duty .

    Overall they seem to have a peacfull reputation and have been fiercly persecuted in Iran in the past.I have never before heard of an apocolyptic message from them

  • Satanus

    It's a splinter of a splinter of a splinter. Originating from islam, groups broke up as they followed their particular true prophets. There was bitter feuding during the breakups. In his leavetaking travels, the latest true prophet is supposed to have fulfilled some bible prophesy or other.


  • Eyebrow2

    Thank you for all your replies....I remember a girl in school that a shirt with Baha'i on it...it was some camp.

    I have never heard anything bad about them..not a whole lot about them at all.

  • hooberus

    I have some of their literature, I also talked to a friendy member recently. The basic problem of the Bahai faith is their doctrine that all religions are similar and come from the same God. Tha attempt is made to link all the prophets suh as Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammad, followed by theirs, into a chain of representatives of the same God. The problem with this is that while Jesus never contradicted Abraham, others who claimed to be prophets such Mohammad contradicted both Abraham and Jesus.

    The Old Testament teaches that the messiah will die for our sins.

    The New Testament agrees and teaches that jesus died on the cross for our sins.

    The Koran contradicts both of these and teaches that Jesus was not crucified. hense the Koran could not be from the same God. Also since the Bahai faith incorrectly teaches that all these messengers came from the same God, it is a mistaken religion.

  • proplog2

    I know an xjw who is now a very active Bahai.

    They pray facing the geographical location of their headquarters.

    They forbid drinking alcoholic beverages.

    They fast.

    They have a calendar with 19 months each 19 days long.

    That's enough to convince me that they are just another religion with some rules to make you feel like you belong.

  • Mulan

    We have a family in our neighborhood that are Bahai, but we've never talked to them in 24 years. They are black, and had children the same ages as ours, and they did things together sometimes. Their house is well kept and the yard immaculate. That's about all I know.

    Oh..........one of our sons had a teacher in 3rd or 4th grade (also black) that was Bahai, and he was a wonderful, committed teacher, who completely understood the religious issues we faced, and was very understanding with our son. He told us about the persecution of the Bahai in Iran. My knowledge of that faith is very limited, as you can see.

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