Screaming for a Caption

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  • Gordy
  • Gordy

    Who will believe what I did to you?

    You need two witnesses.

  • Introspection

    "But Johnny, as witnesses of Jehovah we need to make sure our appearance does not detract from the kingdom message. Colored shirts are fine for gatherings with other witness youths, but you really need to wear a white shirt for meetings and field service."

  • SYN

    "And he was THIS big!"
    "Let me just get this KY offa my fingers, hang on a sec..."
    "Your tie simply does not match your shirt, Percival. How abominable."
    "Look, I told you, he means NOTHING to me!"
    "There's no such thing as just sex in the Society, son..."
    "You do know that orgies can endanger your standing in Bethel, don't you?"
    "After all your mother and I have done for you, you come to a meeting wearing a cream tie!"
    "Son, one day your pate will be just like mine. Better start being a skinhead earlier rather than later, I say!"
    "Then you pick up the cucumber and slice it thinly, applying pate over the top...hey, I'm trying to teach you valuable manly skills over here!"

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Farkel: " Listen, Min, I'll give you ANYTHING if you stop posting those stupid questions on JWD, you D*****K ...ANYTHING...!"

    Minimus: " No way, Farks! Anyway, I only do it to annoy the hell out of you! And keep talking dirty ...I think I love you...!"


  • Undecided

    It's great that you are pioneering now.

    Ken P.

  • jgnat

    I see the creative juices kept flowing while I enjoyed my day on the beach. Thanks for the laughs, guys!

  • Valis

    "Just let me touch it one more time.."


    District Overbeer

  • Aztec

    OMG Spanner, you're too funny! :p ~Aztec

  • rocketman

    SYN that was a great list!

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