When You Were A JW Did You Ever Stand For The National Anthem?

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  • minimus

    As a witness I always found a way to not have to embarrass myself by sitting down for the national anthem.

    I’m curious. How many of you stood up for the patriotic song?

  • Tallon

    Yes, I did; I'm not an American however, I did stand out of respect to my country's national anthem.

  • Simon

    It wasn't that common in the UK, not like it is here in North America - they can't watch any event without a little pep-tune first.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Yes, I stood, but didn't sing or put my hand over my heart. Also, our son was a gymnast. I taught him to stand in respect. I remembered being told to stand in my elementary school hallway during the flag salute because of refusing to participate. Looking back, I felt standing respectfully was a better choice, was acceptable to my conscience and would have led to less "persecution" (bullying).

    I guess you can see where such independent thinking leads!

  • steve2

    In New Zealsnd, many people wouldn’t have a clue what to do when the national anthem is played. I remember it being played st the start of movies and only a handful of people ever stood - and they were often jeered.

    New Zealand - perhaps one of the most unpatriotic countries in the Commonwealth.

  • freakyAL

    I'd stand but not put my hand over my heart

  • Sorry

    I'd stand to show respect, but not sing along or put my hand over my heart. I always thought this was a safe compromise because half the time the other kids would do the same, and the witnesses didn't make a fuss over it.

  • Iamallcool

    When I was a teenager, i went with JW family more than few times to the baseball game. The last time I went with that family to the ball game, they stood up for the flag but I did not because I want to please Jehover. Mind you, The father was an elder at that time. I told my Dad after the ball game what happened with the family stood up for the flag. Few months later the JW family quit attending the meetings but the Mother and one of her sons came back to JW. The son is now an elder. The father and two other sons are out of the borg for good.

  • jwundubbed

    I only stood during the National anthem if I felt like it. I never stood during the pledge of allegiance. I have lung disease so I have a reason not to stand sometimes. But now that I am out I will stand for the National Anthem. But I don't sing it and I will never say the Pledge of Allegiance. Now, more than ever do I believe that doing so is wrong. When I was in, it was for my religion. Now, it is because anything that represents our country can be used in really wrong ways. So, I don't use representations of our country as stand-ins for my patriotism.

  • minimus

    U could stand for the pledge of allegiance but no t the anthem..... stoopid

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