Had the C.O visit this week...went out on service and Wow

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  • Magwitch
    Listening to a JW give a presentation is almost as painful as heart surgery.....
  • Finkelstein

    ....I was like really what kind of illustration is that???

    Answer = a stupid analogy expressed by someone with little education perhaps ?

    Not surprising coming from a CO who are essentially middle management seers for the Watchtower Corporation.

    Jws are trained to smile when greeting people who they are focused upon to preach to or sell their products as it were. We have good news don't we so ......

    Or love bomb new ones at their arrival at the Kingdom Halls

    A smile donates honesty what your about to promote as something worthy, wholesome and appealing.

    Gee I wonder why the WTS. enforces such a strictly enforced dress code onto their devoted sales representatives ?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    The fact that C.O. encourages using manipulative means to spread the message, demonstrates that the doesn't have much confidence in Jehovah's holy spirit being able to direct the message to "honest hearted ones".
  • JWdaughter
    They might have more success if they said, " we are Jehovah's Witnesses and are here today to ask you to accept a book study with us that explains our unique interpretation of the bible with the expectation that you will choose to join our odd sect and give up normal life to bring up your children to be uneducated, mindless drones and to live in your basement, whilst you are all doing what I am doing now, oh, what a glorious future awaits!
  • Alive!


    I always felt uncomfortable with the 'pitch' - especially when it was something like an 'Awake' article...like 'should I eat more vegetables?' And the format would be to read an 'interesting fact' quoted by a leading dietitian and then assure the householder that they'd find the article very educating and hand it over with a Watchtower tucked inside, which had an appealing article on anti-typical Jerusalem and 'the end' of Christendom or whatever.

    And we'd congratulate the slave class on their 'hard hitting' message this month.

    Shame. Such shame I feel now when I look back - I knew it had a bad 'yuck' factor but I squelched that feeling .....why????!

  • konceptual99

    The compliments on the house etc are straight from the CLAM presentation videos shown his week. The CO was simply parroting the formula pushed out at the meeting.

  • MrsR-Awaken
    Reading everyones comments really motivates me to keep posting more experiences, since I'm currently still in even do not completely, but hey I have the benefit of putting out there everything I see and hear so others can benefit and wake up once and for all. This forum helped me wake up!! Thanks for your comments everyone and keep them coming.
  • millie210
    It must really be hard to be a C.O. these days. Imagine having to still try to inspire all those lukewarm JWs with such smarmy illustrations. Gah!
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Yeah I like to compliment them on their lovely door then as they turn to look I jab them in the butt with a siringe full of happy drugs.
  • LisaRose
    Did he smile at you all before he gave you that advice?

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