Had the C.O visit this week...went out on service and Wow

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  • MrsR-Awaken

    This is my first post here (not being comments) but I still have to tell my story but for that I need to get my mind together in other to give as much detail as possible to be able to share it. Will do in a future post.. anyway I had to share this.

    So i went out on service this morning (I never do I always end up excusing myself because I hate field service) reason I did was to see what the new C.O had to say and he sure did say something.

    He was saying what we had to present and he went over the Watchtower magazine. And he said "before you even try saying something try to smile to the house holder and say hi" then he says that after that we aren't gonna shove the mag in his face or start saying "look at this bible text" we have to compliment the house be friendly as possible and prepare the householders "heart" ooohh boy but here comes the part that made me loose it. He says that just like a patient is gonna have heart surgery he is injected with anesthesia to prepare him for surgery we got to do the same to the householder so he/she can hear what we got to say....I was like really what kind of illustration is that??? Wow well that makes sense since anesthesia totally dumbs the person down so we can give the householder all this jw crap in and start the brainwashing going....

    I couldn't wait to share this here

    these C.O's are nuts and plain crazy😑

  • watson
    Sounds like he's been studying Bill Cosby's methods.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Why not just hole a pocket watch up in front of their face and hypnotize them ?


  • alanv

    I know for myself, the friendlier someone is who comes to my door, the more suspicious I am about their motive for coming to my door.

    People understand that most people are after something whenever they call on you.

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh wow!!

    Thanks for sharing that! That is truely a classic to remember!

    And , Welcome to this forum too Mrs R-Awaken!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Wow indeed! a false smile is bad enough but an anaesthetic...ridiculous!

    Your CO is a true cold-bloodied Watchtower zombie.

    Welcome Mrs R, happy to hear that you have awoken.

  • Hadriel

    One of my relatives is a C.O. I can assure you those types of illustrations are but one in a trove of many other equally odd illustrations.

    My favorite part was always watching others swoon at his every word when he shared these sorts of analogies.

    They paid for it too! I remember one time, while visiting him as a teenager, he walked out of the kingdom hall with about 1200 bucks. This was years ago btw. Every handshake had a few 20's rolled up in it or even a 100 or 200.

    Some day I need to relate all these stories, there are literally tons of them. A couple of which were inspired by Star Trek if you can believe it. If they only knew!! :)

  • Cangie
    That sounds like a smarmy, manipulative "used-car-salesman" tactic. I had it worked on me, and I bought a whole lot more car than I drove away with.
  • Magnum

    I was thinking the same thing as these two posters:

    alanv: I know for myself, the friendlier someone is who comes to my door, the more suspicious I am about their motive for coming to my door

    Cangie: That sounds like a smarmy, manipulative "used-car-salesman" tactic

    I think that when JWs arrive at people's doors, those people first and foremost want to know what the strangers at their doors want. They're not interested in the phony, salesman tactics. It's not like they're sitting around with nothing to do waiting for JWs to come around and compliment them on their houses and make their day.

    I remember cringing in service when I observed JWs doing that. I remember several examples of seeing residents (I'm trying to avoid using that JW term "householder") literally looking down their noses at JWs while the JWs went through their little salesman small-talk routines, and seeing the householders say in very serious (and not friendly) tones, "What do you want?"

  • Vidiot
    "Stealth evangelism" at its finest.

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