Trudeau's chocolate charm.

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I could be wrong but it seems to me, this is a bigger deal to "virtue signaling" white people who care more about bringing a political candidate down, than they do about offending people of color. They like to sound as if their motives are more noble than they are.

    From what the people of color I know say, they don't necessarily like it but aren't all that worried about it especially given the context of someone dressing up in a costume that was made more authentic by having the coloring of a person who they are emulating. Similar to a black woman wearing a blond wig if they were dressed as Marylin Monroe. Or when a black person marches in the St' Patrick Day's parade wearing a red wig and a Leprechaun costume( I've seen this). If the costume wearer was doing it to promote some negative stereotype or they were making a mockery of a racial group, then they'd have a problem with it.

  • frozen2018

    To me the interesting thing about this scandal was the introduction of "brown face" vs "black face." I hadn't heard the distinction before. Is "brown face" a type of misdemeanor racism while "black face" is a felony?

    It's too bad Justin didn't take scandal lessons from his mother. Margaret partied at Studio 54, had an affair with Ted Kennedy (that is icky), and ran around with Ronnie Wood AND Mick Jagger.


    Justin's mom back in the day.

  • waton

    I do not get the seriousness, victim feeling either. clowns with painted faces? bring in the clowns.

    really, white people like to tan, and many coloured ones try to become, and keep white, always in the shade.great comments by all. thank you.

    P.S. Then again: " there is no such thing as bad publicity" T's costume and make-up shows how he loves multi culti.

  • RubaDub

    Simon ... is this really you ???

    Can you just imagine if one of Trump's kids had been shown to have dressed up in the same way? It would be on CNN 24x7 for weeks, endlessly, and the word "RACIST" would be on the chyron every time.

    I totally agree. I really never understood this whole issue and probably never will. We have the "Congressional Black Caucus" composed of most of the black members of Congress here in the US. If someone tried to make a "Congressional White Caucus", I think the shit would hit the fan and the person would be considered a racist.

    We have the NAACP here in the US, the "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People". I can't imagine if someone tried to create an NAAWP, the "National Association for the Advancement of White People."

    But when you tell me ...

    Don't pretend it's not a big issue, it just highlights that you don't truly care about principles, like most leftists you don't really have many.

    Are you referring to some of my personal comments or posts? Do you consider a person like myself, a self-proclaimed moderate, to lack principals like "most other leftists?"

    In my lifetime, speaking of Republicans, I would consider Nixon and Trump as the lying pond scum of the earth. I would consider Reagan, George Bush the elder and George W. Bush to be good, honorable men. I consider other people (Republicans) such as Mitt Romney, Colin Powell and especially John McCain to be very honorable, capable leaders. Do I agree with everything they said or did, no. Just as I see very flawed personalities in both of the Clintons.

    If I am considered a "leftist" by calling Trump pond scum by his berating a war hero (John McCain) who served years in a Vietnam prison, lost use of his arms, could have avoided serving entirely due to his father in the Air Force, didn't accept release from prison without his fellow prisoners being released also ... and ....and .... having this man we call the president berating him for having been captured when his fighter plane was shot down ... hiding McCain's name on the military ship dedicated in his honor when Trump visited Hawaii, saying McCain wasn't a hero but "I prefer people who don't get captured" ... and then, slick Donald avoids military service by using his family ties and gets a doctor to claim that his foot really hurts ... yea, ok.

    I get it. I guess I am guilty. I am a liberal without principles.

    Rub a Dub

  • Finkelstein

    Seems like there's a lot of undermining lies and corruption strewn about these days.particularly on the inter-net.

    I wonder if some of this is done intentionally by web site owners who just want people to go the their web page(s) a count a click view ???

  • Simon
    Margaret partied at Studio 54, had an affair with Ted Kennedy (that is icky)

    How about Castro, 'cause I know someone who looks like a dead ringer for him ...

    I could be wrong but it seems to me, this is a bigger deal to "virtue signaling" white people who care more about bringing a political candidate down, than they do about offending people of color. They like to sound as if their motives are more noble than they are.

    It's irrelevant really - the left have pushed for these rules, for cancel-culture, and so it should bite them in the ass. They get other people fired for far less - wasn't Megyn Kelly fired for suggesting what you said, that black-face was being made into a bigger deal than it deserves? So surely someone who does it should go.

    The whole "cultural appropriation" is stupid, like stopping little girls dressing as Moana and such, but this is a different category and if they want to label the former as bad and unacceptable, then they have to acknowledge that this is bad and unacceptable. Them's the rules they made.

    Let's not forget, this is not a normal guy. He's the son of a PM, privileged and groomed for the role (why he didn't need to get a real career) and yet at 30 years of age, he *didn't know not to* or else he *just didn't care*.

    It wasn't a one off, it was at least 3 times that there are photos of and he can't say it was only these 3 times which means it's probably at least 5 or more - that's not normal, it's like some weird fetish.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Trudeau's chocolate charm.

    Pfft. LOL on title.

  • Finkelstein

    Funny how things people did long in their past come forward around election time.

    Unfortunately these things brought to attention take focus away from the real now political problems and issues.

    If Trudeau looses this election over this black face racist characterization, his face will be turning red.

  • hoser

    Trudeau is an idiot. I wouldn’t be surprised Canadians give him another mandate. If they do they are idiots.

  • waton
    Pfft. LOL on title.

    MMM: title was deliberately chosen.

    He discovered that the darker face attracted certain ladies. These woman responded to the reputed prowess of the genre in the bedroom. Trudeau tried to catch and ride that wave.

    He was not disparaging the black race, or making fun of coloured people, he used their appearance.

    His apologies now are the hypocrisy. Black faced man should be proud of him, the imitator. the well made up actor.
    he elected them, but will paleface elect him? The woman might!

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