Does anyone else’s household run at 200 decibels?

by hippikon 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • hippikon

    Why do 4 year olds and 2 year olds not know how to wisper?

  • StinkyPantz

    I can't wait

  • Gopher

    They're just mastering the skill of talking. They do so quite exuberantly!!

    Only after more experience in life do they master the subtle art of "voice modulation". Until then, I guess we just have to be glad they're healthy (you know, the old 10 fingers, 10 toes, two eyes --they're normal) until they outgrow the 200 decibel stage.

  • hippikon

    I'll just have to turn the stereo up some more!

  • Stephanus

    200 decibels?? Man, for the two weeks I was there, it was quiet as a grave - even playing Pictures of Matchstick Men on continuous loop to annoy the neighbours didn't lift the atmosphere!

  • Dansk

    I love peace and quiet. I love to be able to hear myself think, to be at one with nature. I hate radios playing when I'm imbibing silence. It's nice for children to whisper - but if they don't, well at least be glad you've got them. It's peaceful to hear birds singing, bees buzzing and to smell the scent of flowers on a warm day. There's far too much noise - and people insist on taking it with them, via car steroes blasting full volume while prats drive around in their rust buckets with the windows down with a "Hey, look at me. I'm cool, baby!" - plus those imbeciles who stroll around with a radio the size of a cannon - and the prats who leave their bedroom windows open while blasting out the base on their crappy little CDs.

    Enjoy your kids, man. Aint everybody got the opportunity!


  • Angharad

    I'm afraid a nearly 6 & 3 year old arent much quieter, although its not constant

    When ours get in a really noisey mood, I just suggest they may want to play outside in the garden as I'm nudging them towards the back door, but on rainly days you just have to stick your fingers in your ears

    I hate people with the look at me car stereos too Dansk.

  • Dansk

    Another thing, Hippikon. I preferred your previous picture.


  • xjw_b12
    I'm afraid a nearly 6 & 3 year old arent much quieter,

    Wait until their 10 and 12, and they push mom over the edge.......... 200 decibels is nothing once CJ loses it. I've got my window closing time down to under 30 seconds, when there's an episode !

  • ozziepost

    Face it, Hippi, you're getting old(er)!!!!!

    Wait till you get like me.

    Cheers, ozzie

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