The "Paradise" as promised by the Watchtower

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  • Saethydd

    I was thinking today about the descriptions of the future "Paradise" presented by the Watchtower, and I was struck by something about it. Most of us are aware that the Watchtower promotes an interpretation of the apocalypse that would result in the immediate execution of 99.9% of the population with no hope for resurrection. Additionally, we have been told about the large group of people that are supposed to side with Satan at the end of the thousand year reign of Christ. Today, however, I thought of another group that would face destruction. Namely, any individual who has a difference of opinion with God after the thousand year reign of Christ was over.

    The example of Satan show's us that even a supposedly perfect being without any outside influence could come to hold a viewpoint that differs from God's on certain matters. According to the Watchtower, God is allowing the suffering today in the name of justice, so that he is able to give an answer to "Satan's challenge." The Watchtower has also said that this whole experiment in self-rule will allow God to swiftly execute any future "rebels." So, how many "perfect" beings over the course of an eternity may independently come to hold a different viewpoint from God on certain matters? Because, according to the Watchtower, all of those individuals will face a quick execution at the hands of our "loving" Creator.

    Anyway, that concludes my initial thoughts on today's episode of "Messed Up Watchtower Teachings."

  • Darkknight757

    Interesting subject, something I have thought about many times. Revelation says that those numbered and killed after the millennial reign would be "as sand on a seashore." So if that many AFTER the thousand years don't like their future prospect then how can anyone feel like they will indeed live forever in paradise? As you observed, one wicked, independent thought means swift destruction. Census numbers during such a period would be interesting to follow.

  • ttdtt

    So - Dog's deal with humanity is SOOOOOOOOO Great that even after everyone is perfect in Paradise that a large number of people would CHOOSE to get Killed by Dog rather than live forever? Wow paradise must really suck.

    Dog is a really crappy at selling his deal.

  • scratchme1010

    If I remember well...

    Namely, any individual who has a difference of opinion with God after the thousand year reign of Christ was over.

    Those are not supposed to be a separate class. The way the WT and many Christian religions work is by promoting this black and white mentality. The very second that anyone has/voices a doubt about Jehovah they become a member of Team Satan immediately. It's a for/against thing. There's no middle ground.

  • Saethydd
    The very second that anyone has/voices a doubt about Jehovah they become a member of Team Satan immediately.

    Well, Satan would already be destroyed at that point, according to their theology. So anyone who differed from God after the conclusion of the thousand year reign would only have their own "perfect" minds to blame.

  • Finkelstein

    I cant wait for my promised paradise, its just going to be a bit smelly and messy for awhile with billions of people dead lying on the ground with birds and animals eating the flesh off all those dead bodies.

    ........ but its still going to worth the wait

  • steve2

    I recall feeling emotionally exhausted as a young man contemplating making such a huge effort to ensure I would survive Armageddon - and yet, even after the 1,000-year reign could still be annihilated if I did not measure up.

    What sort of "loving" God would ever put anyone through that?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    It's good to part of the 144,000. When you die you go to heaven and have Mortality. If you are of the other sheep if you die you may be resurrected but you are still imperfect. You have to work to become perfect then you have to go through another big test then you only get everlasting life but you can still die down the road if you mess up. Makes no sense what's so ever. Still Totally ADD

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    OMG, ADD.... I never thought about it quite that way... No test, no worries... just go to heaven!

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    This was a question that I posed to a couple of my "no matter what you say, and you may be right, I'll be a JW for life" relatives:

    OK. So you survive Armageddon. What do you do for the first 50 years? Clean up the mess of Armageddon and bury or burn all the bodies of the wicked that are laying around and rotting. Sounds like fun to me.

    Then what do you do? Build new cities and roads? Build yourself a mansion? Go play with the lions and tigers every day?

    If you get your sexual prowess back, do you make new babies every year? Are they automatically righteous? What happens if there are no new babies and some of your friends are caught committing a sin by the angels and are toasted immediately on site? Will Jehovah stick another Tree of Knowledge somewhere in earth where you can choose to eat or not and take your chances? So what do you do after you've lived a thousand years? Ten thousand years? Are they going to have really great TV cable channels that just show people behaving perfectly and without any conflict in their lives? No bad guys to deal with? Will there be Jesus-Lands all over the world where you can go and ride a roller coaster knowing in advance that there is no danger involved - and if you are in an accident that your injuries will be immediately healed without blood transfusions? Will we have cars to drive and planes to fly? Or will we have to walk everywhere?

    How will Jehovah communicate? Will we hear sounds of a booming voice from heaven? If not, how do we know that our "overseers" won't ask us to do something that will get us destroyed?

    So then what? At 10,000 years? At 50,000 years? 100 thousand years? A gazillion years? What if no one survives who knows how to build bridges or airplanes or cruise ships? Will the weather be perfect every day, no matter where we live? Will Iceland become a garden of Eden? Will California and Japan be able to forget about earthquakes? Will sharks stop eating people who swim in the ocean? Will we really be able to pet lions and tigers? Will all the ecology change so that we have no bugs to eat our food or sting us? Then what happens to the balance of nature?

    So many questions and not a single Watchtower or Awake! with the answers....


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