Do you ever just get frustrated?

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  • Aztec

    Hey Realist! Cupidity: 2. Eager or inordinate desire, especially for wealth; greed of gain; avarice; covetousness. I learned a new word! :D Thank you! You were correct! ~Aztec

  • Realist

    good morning aztec!

    how come you are at the computer so early in the morning???

  • obiwan

    She was on here early friday as well, she made my day.

  • Aztec

    LOL you two. I sometimes go online before I go to work. Wow, I made your day obiwan? Cool! :) ~Aztec

  • oldcrowwoman

    I definitely find the way situations are going is scarey. I've said this all along since 9-11. Dealing with terrorism and the dealings with our President and government. It feels like domestic abuse only on Gobal level. Not knowing when the shoe is going to drop. Those of us who understand the ways of domestic abuse understand . One is verbally, physically,sexual and emotionally abused Theres this calm before the strom says sorry and gives gifts of whatever. Overly nice. Tha the shoe drops again. Recycle.....recycle..

    Thats what I see has or is happening in Iraq. We battered the country here comes the gifts of food, clothing and medicine. To cover it over the wounds.

    Like this am on the news says possible terrorism in the US. This enhances the feelings of waiting for the shoe drop. Creates these feeling of being battered again. Unconsciously it stirs up the feelings all over again. Its connected to PTSD.

    I need to make a more of a effort to be selective dealing with the media. You know what ? There will be someone around you that will let you know something drastic is going to happen or has happen!!

    I would be appalled if Geo. Bush receives the Nobel Award! I don't know how in good conscience in accepting it.

    Done with my rant.


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