Do you ever just get frustrated?

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    When I lived in Southeast Asia, it was a humbling and sobering experience.

    Coming from the comfort and general prosperity of Canada, then land in the Philippines, I can tell you, it changed my perspective forever.

    I used to be such a firecracker, took so much for granted. Not anymore.

    But, still...when you have this sort of awakening, that's good. It means you are conscious.

    XW, made a good comment, and I'm with her there. That's when I got involved with volunteer work of some sort. I can sit behind this screen for hours, but I could donate an hour a week at a local drop-in centre for street people/mentally ill. Makes you, grounded.

    Living in a poor country such as the Philippines, was the best thing that ever happened to me. It taught me more than any Watchtower or Awake ever did. It gave me a firm grip on reality. When you looked around at poverty and squallor to the degree that I did, made you wonder: god/God (where is he/she?) - no where to be found.

    Aztec, I know how it is. But I am confident enough to say that I think you are the type of person who is awake in the best sense of the word. Good to see it, and well once things settle down, I'm sure you'll channel that consciousness towards something positive.

    Great thread.

  • logansrun


    No. I never, ever get frustrated at anything or anybody.


  • bebu

    I've noticed that a lot of what can influence my attitude is the list of news headlines. Sometimes, the worst things grab and hold the headlines, and anything encouraging is absent. So I begin to assume that ALL the news is bad.

    Like was mentioned above, it makes a big difference to see that goodness is still here:

    Folks in the WTC helped each other out, some at the expense of their lives;

    The Muslim lawyer who worked to help free Jessica Lynch;

    People who rescue strangers from harm;

    A neighbor who mowed my JW friend's huge lawn (since her husband abandoned her and took the mower); this takes 3 hours;

    It's the gracious acts of people that bring a great goodness into the world that ascends the goodness of nature, I think.

    But even the flowers in spring, the frost in winter, and all those sorts of things seem to me tos how that nature is such a beautiful and great foundation. Reflecting on this also helps me overcome, with sunsets and tides, the feeling of frustration.

    Searching for goodness is kind of like playing, "Where's Waldo?" You have to look for it (even when it's hard, it's there).


  • ThiChi

    Don’t let it overwhelm you. The first of the 12 truths of Buda was "Life is Difficult." Simple put profound. History has shown us that the poor, the disadvantaged....etc., are very much a part of the life we live. Being able to assist where possible, and to be a productive member of your community and family has more of an impact on the greater good then one might think.....

  • DanTheMan

    I sometimes wonder if there is anything "good" about human life at all.

  • Aztec

    Okay Dan, you sound a bit cynical. Thanks to everyone! Essie, do you live in Michigan? The story you spoke about is exactly what happened last summer here in Detroit. Some idiotic woman left her two, very young, helpless children to roast in a car while she got her hair done and window shopped! I wanted to smack her so bad! A couple of weeks ago a 7 year old boy died in a house fire when he was left alone while his guardian was out either buying or selling drugs, I can't remember which. My heart just broke for him. He was the same age as my son. The previous week, in school, when his class talked about their greatest fear he stated his was being alone. How can you not cry when you read things like that? Rayzor dear, you and I think alike! Logan, thank you for the phone call, and, stop being so sarcastic! :p Love y'all! ~Aztec

  • Aztec

    Realist, cupidity? What're you trying to say? ;) JH, I agree! Sorry, I had to reread the thread to remember what people said. Love ya guys! :) ~Aztec

  • Jayson

    "Not necessarily with anything in particular, but, with the world in general? Watching the news is disturbing, there just seems to be so little compassion or empathy. Most of us are so spoiled and we don't even realize it! I lectured my son tonight on how spoiled he is and it didn't even occur to me that I am as well! I can sit here on the computer and chat with friends from all over the globe and there are people on this planet who haven't had a decent meal in who knows how long! This really bothers me! Bah! The inequity between the haves and have nots grows by leaps and bounds and there is little to be done to stop it. I'm just feeling a little frustrated and ineffectual. This is just my little rant for the day. ~Aztec"

  • Aztec

    Good for you Jayson! :D ~Azzy

  • Realist


    hmmm i thought it means that you want to accumulate things ... hope it wasn'T too far off

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