Back to the Meetings. It's Offical!

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  • BluesBrother

    I must agree with FFGhost.. this sudden rush to reopen seems a complete U Turn from their previous safety first policy.

    Around here ( UK) the word is to expect a sort of hybrid meeting from April 1st with the young and fit in attendance and the old and vulnerable watching digitally.

  • FedUpJW

    The word around my area is that in-person meetings begin April 01. No need to be jabbed or to mask if one so chooses. I also heard that the eldurr who read that out also concluded by saying that, "just like our meeting tonight taught us that obedience is better than a sacrifice, even though we are anxious to get back to meeting in person at the kingdom hall we will all be sure to obey the requirements for doing so."

    One week before this in-person announcement a letter was read about the pressing need to immediately start cleaning and sterilizing the kingdom hall, and that any who volunteered for the "privilege" MUST have two COVID jabs, wear masks at all times, and distance themselves from other persons. So which is it? Personal choice, or requirements?

    We know the answer. It is personal choice, as long as the drones do what they are ordered to do!

    My personal choice? Stay away!

  • Vidiot
    BluesBrother - "...this sudden rush to reopen seems a complete U Turn..."

    Ten bucks says they've finally clued in just how easy the Zoom meetings make it for the rank-and-file to slack off.


  • truthlover123

    Fedup- the BS conductor said the same thing that we are to not be like Saul who disobeyed Jehovah but should follow the guidelines set out by the GB....

    Now that we no longer receive covid updates - maybe once a week- and seeing that the numbers they give are NOT going down- in fact, they are higher than the first hit of covid- 2540 cases in six days equates, in this area over 400 per day and with health staff at an all time low and hospitals still in a dire situation, along with the LTHs for the elderly, who is going to make a decision in this area as to what to do?

    Will the CO, or the elders be concerned enough to find out what the true situation is? I doubt it--- as for me, No way am I sitting my buns in a hall that is allowing non vac through the door. Its bad enough in flu season where they still come to the hall and then everyone is sick--- let alone a hall that is maybe 60x60 and seats are crammed together- no mention of number allowed to attend or spacing per person.

  • keinlezard


    News from France,

    Light correction to my first message :)

    Back to meeting as everyone :( arrrrrggghhhh ... damned !

    but "if it is possible" , in some case Zoom meeting can continues , we wear mask .. and depending of governement decision about Covid

    It seem that the memorial will be "physically" , but not very clear ...

    Best Regards

  • Lee Marsh
    Lee Marsh

    My JW neighbor is thrilled

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Word came that we will go 20 miles across town to a different hall, meet at 9. Must be 2 before but not sure, maybe one of those merged congregation halls plus 1 Spanish there

    No mention of provision for disabled /zoom. Darn

  • pistolpete

    The elders have respected my decision not to return to the KH and will subsequently not give me any parts EVER

    I got a call from the elder who assigns parts and apparently he’s calling everyone to see who will come back to the KH and who won’t. Those who won’t will not be given any parts because of the March 19 letter that came out. If your BOEs stick with the letter, you can make any excuse not to come back and they should not pressure you in any way (of course I know this won’t happen in most congs, but it’s still their direction). Since the letter directs that all parts should be in person, you can now avoid having any kind of part in the foreseeable future - whether you’re a MS, Elder or R&F, you just found your free pass.

    As a MS, I have a fair number of parts and I see this as a complete win for any PIMO - let the fades begin.

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